simple clipping path service

Simple Clipping Path Service

In a nutshell, a clipping path is the process of removing the background from any image. Under this process, the expert photo editors remove the background and add a white backdrop. As a direct result, the photos wear an impressive outlook.

How it happens is not a mystery anymore. When the photo editors remove the background, they also perform some basic editing on the photos. They crop the photos, check the color tone, adjust the edges and perform some more activities.

Finally, the photos sit on a white or any other impressive background. It brings the overall change in the images. So, the photo which had a dull look does not have a striking appearance.

And this simple clipping path service is under the photo clipping path service category of Graphic Design Eye. We have termed this as simple clipping path based on the image complexities. When most of the images are simple to edit, we categorize those images under this particular service.

Why do you need to get this service in particular?

Numbers of valid reasons are there to obtain this service. It is one of the impressive and easiest ways to get attention. Moreover, you will have some key benefits that are explicated here.

Casts spell to your audience

We all know that a photo is able to express more than a thousand words. But the photo should be perfect and presented at the right place and at the right moment. Otherwise, it will not be able to impact the audiences.

So, when you avail this service, you are able to make your audience spellbound. How? By the influence of your images. When an expert photo editor performs the editing, the photos get changed. In fact, they look far better than they really are.

Cost-effective service

On the other part, a simple clipping path is a cost-effective service. It is under the broad price category of photo clipping path service. And being the simplest one, anyone can get this service at a reasonable price.

Surprisingly, the price of this service starts from $0.20 per image. You may have a special discount if you place a large volume.

Proper image setting

Moreover, the photo editors are experts. They know how to deal with a photo. Accordingly, they select the background for the photos. Not necessarily all the backgrounds are white in color. The background may also be changed for the needs.

Thereby, based on the circumstances, the photo editors change the background. Finally, the photos get the desired outlook.

Why are we special?

Of course, you can find numerous simple clipping path service providers around. Some of them are amateur while some others are freelancers. But we are completely different than them.

First of all, we have a pool of expert photo editors for this task. They can deal with more than 5000 images simple clipping paths in a day. And they do not compromise over the quality of the photos. You will get all the images in a perfect shape and per your directives.

Further, we have flexible and suitable payment options for all of our clients. They can pay us using their suitable payment channels.

Besides, we never return our clients from placing an order regarding the quantity. If you want only five photos for a simple clipping path, we will do that for you. This is the key specialty that has made us a leading company in the industry.

Simple Clipping Path Sample

Simple Clipping Path Cost of Images

Simple clipping path service takes less time to complete. In fact, there are less complications. Therefore, we have set a reasonable price range for this service. Check the price rates here.

  • 1 to 50 Images simple clipping path

    FROM $1.00
  • 51 to 100 Images simple clipping path

    FROM $0.80
  • 101 to 200 Images simple clipping path

    FROM $0.50
  • 201 to 500 Images simple clipping path

    FROM $0.50
  • 501 to 1000+ Images simple clipping path

    FROM $0.20
  • All kinds of (CONTRACTUAL)

    By Quotation