medium clipping path service

Medium Clipping Path Service

Do you know what most people do before they get any products or services? They check the photos of the products. Because it helps them to make the purchasing decision. In fact, they rely on photos more than the texts explaining the features.

Our medium clipping path service helps them to make the right choice. Based on the photo complexities, we edit the photos. Removing the background is not a big deal. But when it is about bringing customer satisfaction, it plays a crucial role. Getting attention from consumers now-a-days is a great challenge.

In this particular circumstance, we have introduced this medium clipping path service. The price is reasonable and takes less turn-around time. Also, under this category, we remove the background where there are double or triple objects. After the background removal, we set the objects in a transparent backdrop.

Why Medium Clipping Path Service?

The key reason is perfection. Clipping path itself marches towards the job of bringing in perfection in photos. Amid the number of clipping path pricing categories, we are terming it as a medium one. Why? Because the tasks are not that difficult.

Expert photo editors at Graphic Design Eye can solve the problems by spending less time and effort. Moreover, the photos are not too complex to deal with. They can be edited using simple Photoshop tools and require no premium software.

Medium clipping path service renders a great support to the users. Mostly, the business community is the client of this service. They often need various types of photos for their business promotion and other activities. The photos play the lead role in engaging with the audiences.

Finally, they get the desired outcome. As the customers check the photos, they get interested in the real product or service. Thereby, the service is important for them.

How do we perform the task?

As the first step, we need to categorize the images we receive. In fact, our clients provide us with a huge number of photos for diversified types of editing. As per the necessity and make the process easier, smooth and effective, we categorize the photos.

We select the photos which are less complex. And set them under the medium clipping path service category.

Now, it is time for the action. Our expert photo editors start removing the backgrounds of the photos. They use the pen tool to manually remove the background. Next, they set the objects of the images onto a white background. The photos wear an impressive look.

However, if the client demands, we set the object in any other background to meet the needs. But a photo wears the best look when it is set on a white setting. So, we recommend our clients to have it on the white background.

Our specialties

Graphic Design Eye has long been serving in the photo editing industry. During the long journey, we have completed over millions of images. Alongside basic editing, we have special design categories like logo designing, business card design, branding design, among others.

Moreover, our staffers in the company are highly skilled. They know the needs of the clients and feel the pulse of the audience. Accordingly, they bring the right changes in the photos. And finally, for the overall efforts, the photos are in their best looks.

At the same time, we have some features that you will not get anywhere else. We have a couple of flexible payment options for our clients. Further, we are ready to deal with bulks and even a single photo for our clients.

Setting a meeting with the clients is a must to know the details. It also helps to make a professional client-service provider relationship. We try to focus on this.

The round-the-clock communication with clients is another plus for us. Our dedicated customer service team is always there to get back our clients immediately after placing any queries. Order placement process is also easier here. The users need to send emails informing their needs and to place the orders. After a brief discussion, we finalize the order.

Medium Clipping Path Sample

Price range for medium clipping path service

We consider a photo which has less complications but a bit harder than the simple clipping path. Usually, there are two to three objects and we need to remove the background. So, our photo editors need to spend some more time considering the situations.

Hence, the pricing for this service is slightly higher than the simple clipping path. Check the prices here.

  • 1 to 50 Images medium clipping path

    FROM $1.50
  • 51 to 100 Images medium clipping path

    FROM $1.00
  • 101 to 200 Images medium clipping path

    FROM $0.90
  • 201 to 500 Images medium clipping path

    FROM $0.80
  • 501 to 1000+ Images medium clipping path

    FROM $0.75
  • All kinds of (CONTRACTUAL)

    By Quotation