image white background service

Image White Background Service Highlights Details In A Photo

Photo editing has numerous branches. And this particular service is one of the leading ones. The white background adds beauty to the photos with a clear and cleaner look. Thus, it has become an integral part of e-Commerce and f-Commerce. After going through this particular editing style, the photos look more professional, as well as reliable.

Image transparent service adds a white backdrop on the photos removing the existing one. This photo editing technique is used mostly to beautify product photos. The key reason to apply this service is to highlight the product details to get attention from clients and drive the sales upward. As we know the needs, we edit the photos carefully.

Expert photo editors of this company are capable of performing various types of image editing including background removal service. They are highly skilled and thus can provide the best image white background service to clients. We focus on the detail of the photo object and place that on a white or transparent backdrop. The photos get an impressive look.

Our image white background service offerings

Being a leading photo editing service provider in the image editing, image optimization and photo retouching industry, we have ample offers for our clients. Image white background is one of our immaculate services that we render with smoothness. Each of the photos get the best look in a white background.

Also, we have a team of photo editing experts. They have been in the industry for over decades. So, they know how to deal with the white background photos. Through their high photo editing skills, they bring out the detail and in-depth view. Ultimately, the photos look impressive, professional and reliable. The target people get complete satisfaction.

Flexible pricing plans is the other charming feature that we offer to our clients. We have several price packages and our clients can get the best suitable one. Moreover, we offer up to five photo editing free trials for this service. So, it is possible for our clients to know our expertise in the shortest possible time. Also, the free trial helps them to make their decision instantly to order their projects to us.

Our production runs nonstop round-the-clock. We run a three-shift operation. As a result, we are able to render photo editing, retouching and other graphic design services swiftly than others.

Customized pricing based on project requirements

For the convenience of our clients, we have a flexible set of pricing plans to avail this photo editing service. The pricings are as followed:

Simple White Background

image white background service

Simple photos have only a subject with a background. So, it is less troublesome and the price is also lower. We charge $0.20 (20 cents) for such photos.

Medium White Background

image white background service

In this category, the photos might have a couple of objects and elements. So, the background removal tasks are a bit intricate and we charge $1 per photo to edit them.

Complex White Background

image white background services

Typically, complex photos have several subjects or objects in line with other elements. So, the price begins at $4.50 per photo.

Super Complex White Background

image white background services

Usually, we need to perform several other editing alongside the background removal. So, the price is higher and begins from $8 per photo.

Image White Background FAQs

Our team of support experts is available to assist you in achieving photo editing enlightenment. You can explore our FAQs, reach out to us via email, or give us a call for assistance.

For the transparent color, the service is known as white background or transparent background. In this process, photo editing experts remove the original background from the photo using the clipping path process. Then, they use a white background on the photo. And as a result, the pixels of the object in the backdrop become visible.

The answer is negative. We do not use any app or artificial intelligence to complete image background removal or similar service. Instead, our expert photo editors use manual methods. They apply a clipping path and other methods to remove the original background and replace it with a white or transparent one.

For an expert photo editor, it takes less than a minute to remove the background of a photo. However, it also depends on the photo complexities. If there are several objects or elements and you need further polishing of the photo, the editing time needs an extension. But it will not exceed more than five to ten minutes.

Of course. We provide unlimited revisions for this photo optimization service to our clients. In fact, we try to keep our clients satisfied from all possible facets. But the most interesting fact is that our edited photos do not need any further revision.

However, if our client asks for a revision, we perform that and the revision is complementary. And we will revise the photos as long as needed.

Sure, we can do that. But you know what, when a white background image comes with a shadow, it does not look that good. Usually, the drop shadows are used in photography post-production to bring a sense of reality. But when you are using a white background image, it looks impressive enough. The further application of photo effects will spoil the beauty.

Usually, we can edit more than 20 photos in an hour. And in case of necessity, we can cut the time if there is any urgency of our client(s). Moreover, we complete around 4,000+ photo customization tasks in a single day as we have a pool of expert photo editors.

Mostly, the service is mostly applicable for businesses and brands who run online shops. When a customer or potential customer checks a photo, it needs to be detail oriented. Using the customary background fails to serve this purpose. So, often the photos arrive with blurry tone, less lights and many other inconsistencies.

However, when you apply this particular photo editing, the photos turn brighter. Due to the white background, the subjects become clearly visible with a reliable look. Thereby, when people see the images, they get a clear concept about the product or service.

No. We do not use any color for white background images. In fact, applying color in the white background will not be useful. It will distort the image and may get a ghastly look. Moreover, the application of additional color will result in complete failure of becoming a credible photo.

Based on all the aspects, we never use any color on such images. Instead, we keep the background transparent.