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Image Background Transparent Service Figures Out The Photo Details

Photo editing services are getting much popularity for their magical performances. So, a wide variety of image editing services have emerged and are available now. And they deal with specific issues. But this particular service is completely different as it removes the backgrounds with almost no color. The background looks transparent (or clear).

Image background transparent is the process of removing the background from a photo. But there would be only a transparent or white backdrop attached to the photo. So, it allows people to see the white portion even through the pixels. The white portion of the background becomes clearly visible with a depth of field. And when you use it for your promotions, or upload for any purpose, the audiences get an in-depth view of your product or brand.

Usually, background removal service replaces the background of the photo. And sets another background that matches best with the photo subject. On the contrary, the transparent background has no background at all. It looks like magic. There is no background, only a clear and white view of the subject. Therefore, utilizing the image becomes easier, as well.

Our creativity meets the demands

Image background transparent service is securing a respectable berth in the industry for its growing demands. And we are a leader in the track. This graphic design service company has a team of highly skilled photo editors to take care of the projects.

We have specialty in various types of photo editing and retouching services to meet the increasing needs. Consequently, we have formed a base of satisfied clients. Reasonable photo editing price is another important factor to consider. We always try to keep the prices flexible and competitive. The prices are neither so high, nor so low for our clients.

Quick turnaround of image background transparent projects is the other feature that we are proud of. As we are the home of highly skilled photo editors, they can smoothly undertake projects without compromising the quality. We are able to process over 4,000+ images under our image background transparent category.

Customization of image background transparent projects is another interesting aspect to consider. Our clients can customize their projects according to their needs. They can place bulk photo editing orders or even a single photo to edit. We prioritize the necessities of our clients.

How much you need to spend to get an image background transparent service?

The costs are less. We have set four different pricing plans for the convenience of our clients. They are as followed:

Simple Background Transparent

image background transparent service

In this category, the images look simple. Usually, they have a single photo subject. And hence, the removal of background is quite easier. For this service, our starting price is $0.20 (20 cent).

Medium Background Transparent

image background transparent service

Under this category, the photos have one or more objects. Thereby, the background change becomes a bit challenging. So, the price of this category is $1 per photo.

Complex Background Transparent

photo background transparent service

As the name suggests, there are several subjects in a photo alongside some unwanted elements. So, polishing the photo consumes more time and is challenging, as well. We have set the price at $4.50 per photo for this service.

Super Complex Background Transparent

photo background transparent service

A super complex photo has a number of tasks to solve. Hence, the price is higher and begins at $8. However, for bulks, we offer a flat rate which is also the subject of negotiation.

Image Background Transparent FAQs

Our team of support experts is available to assist you in achieving photo editing enlightenment. You can explore our FAQs, reach out to us via email, or give us a call for assistance.

This is a special photo editing category. Under this service, expert photo editors remove the background and keep the subject on a white or transparent background. As a result, the photos get a special look. In most cases, the photos are in PNG formats and usable anywhere you want.

Well. This is not a complicated process. But it takes a bit of time to perform. We completely remove the image background transparent manually. Our photo editors use different premium software and tools for this purpose.

On the contrary, we use premium Photoshop and other image editing software for this purpose. Our expert photo editors remove the background and make it transparent. Also, they apply other basic editing on the photos to make them look soothing.

No. We do not provide any watermarks on the photos. We are a photo editing company. So, our prime focus is to edit the photos to wear them to their best outlook. However, if you want, we can watermark in photos for you. You can rely on us with such tasks, as well.

Sure. We offer a free trial to our clients. The free trial helps our clients to know our capacity and measure the quality. Initially, we have a free trial option for up to 5 photos.

The transparent background photos are suitable for all types of use. They are most effective for online businesses. When you upload a photo with white background, the object gets noticed perfectly. Because there are no color shades or tones to obstruct the view of the audience. Also, the photo subject gets a clear depth and view.

Moreover, you can use such photos for other promotional and marketing needs. As the photos have only the object in it, they easily hold attention. The colorful background might not have been able to get such attention.

Simply, the answer is negative. Photo editing is the process of editing a photo like changing the color tone, cropping or resizing the photos, background removal and more. Alternatively, photo retouching is all about adding special effects on photos.

Photo retouching service is mostly applied to further beautify the photos for specific use. In other words, photo retouching improves the photos visually. You will find no defects in the photo subjects, though in real-life they might have some.

The process of transferring files is simple. After completing an image transparent background order, we deliver the files through several channels. Typically, we use dedicated FTP servers for the file transfers. However, if our client has any special requirements, we send the files in Google Drive or using Dropbox.

Not all the formats support image transparency. In fact, there are a couple of specific formats to serve this purpose. So, we use PNG, JPG, PSD, and TIFF formats to save the photos as these formats support such files.