image background change service

Image Background Change Service

No doubt, a photo is able to uphold a business. But there are certain conditions. You need to use the photo background removal service to make the photo look the best one. In this process, we change the backdrop or setting of the photo. As a result, a professional tone gets attached with the photos.

Photography and photo editing both are time consuming tasks. If you do not invest the right amount of attention, you may not have the best result. When you shoot a photo, you need to consider lots of aspects. Setting up the right background is the most important one. But at times, it is not possible to get the right backdrop. However, applying this particular photo editing service will help you get rid of the issues.

Our expert photo editors know how to replace the background with an appealing one. When the photo background is changed, the replaced background looks appealing. Because, the photo editors also perform some tweaking. They apply some minor effects alongside some basic photo editing techniques. Ultimately, the photo turns the best from the worst one.

Our Expertise in Background Change Service

This graphic design company has been lending its hand to a wide number of clients, globally. The company has a pool of expert photo editors who are the best in the industry. Also, they have been working in the photo editing industry for over decades. Thereby, they know how to deal with the photos in each setting. Accordingly, they set the plan and execute.

Moreover, we have the capacity to deliver over 4000+ edited photos in a day. Alongside image background removal, we apply photo retouching for a surprisingly professional look on the photos. When we are asked to change the photo background, we use a photoshop manual clipping path to make it happen. Consequently, the photo gets an overall premium outlook.

Also, we offer a couple of flexible order placement and payment options to our clients. They can get a regular package or a customized photo editing package based on their convenience. In fact, we try to make the packages more economical than similar other photo editing service providers.

Quick turnaround time is another impressive feature of ours. As we have a pool of expert photo editors, we can easily and smoothly edit photos without hampering the quality. So, we are able to handle a huge amount of image background removal projects in a day. Because we run a three-shift production. So, our production never halts.

Price plans for image background change service

For the convenience of our clients, we have set four different categories of prices for the image background change. They are as followed:

Simple Background Change

image background change service

In this category, the images are too simple. Mostly, they have a single subject or object in the photo. So, the removal of background is pretty simple. Our starting price for this service is $0.20 (20 cent).

Medium Background Change

photo background change service

In this category, the photos have at least two objects. So, the background removal becomes challenging. Thus, the price of this category is different from the former one and begins at $1 per photo.

Complex Background Change

image background change service

Under this category, there are more than three subjects in a photo. Also, there are some unwanted elements available here. Further, it takes a bit more time and is more challenging. So, the typical price of this service begins from $4.50 per photo.

Super Complex Background Change

image background change services

A super complex photo background change has lots of tasks to solve. Therefore, the price of this service is higher and begins at $8. However, for bulks, we offer a flat rate which is also the subject of negotiation.

Image Background Change FAQs

Our team of support experts is available to assist you in achieving photo editing enlightenment. You can explore our FAQs, reach out to us via email, or give us a call for assistance.

Image background change is the process of removing the background from a photo. The sole aim of this particular photo editing technique is to replace the existing background and add a fresh one. The service is applied to bring a more professional and perfect look on the photos.

Photo background change is also known as photo background removal. This is an important and essential photo editing service that people need today.

We perform photo editing including the image background change manually. Now, some of the software is available to do the job. But you will not have perfection. The software will only remove the photo background. And there would be no other changes. Alternatively, when we apply manual methods, we also make some changes that are necessary for the photos.

Therefore, you get a completely professional-looking photo for your needs.

Several reasons are working here. If you change the photo background, it will add more values in your photos. First, the photo will get a premium look. The existing background may not be able to showcase the photo subject clearly. Or, there might be unnecessary elements in the photo. Thus, when you are changing the photo background, you are free of those issues.

Moreover, a photo background change also adds additional features. When you add a new background, you can customize the entire settings of the photos. But it is not always possible to do it when you are having a real-life photoshoot. The service will help you do those in the photography post-production phase.

At present, almost everyone needs this photo image background change service. In fact, you cannot upload the raw photos on your website or for promotions. The photos are not always perfect when they are clicked. Thereby, if you apply this image background removal on your photos, they will have potential to get more attention. As a result, it would be easier to use the photos for business, product or service promotions.

So, regardless of your business type, size or category, you can apply this photo editing technique. However, the most common receivers of this service are: professional photographers, photo editing service providers, models, online businesses, e-commerce, f-commerce, newspapers, news agencies, advertising agencies, among others.

Well. The time frame depends on the type of photos. If the photo subject is simple and there are less objects, an expert photo editor can do it in less than a minute or so. But if you apply any automated software, it will be done more quickly.

However, you can get a quick service, but that would not be perfect. Because the software will only change the background. On the contrary, a manual background change will also add some more values. Therefore, time is not a considerable factor here to avail this service.

Of course. We have the provision of accepting bulk photo background change orders. In that case, we offer a special rate to our clients. They will get a flat rate (subject to negotiation) for their bulk projects. And you need no worries about the turnaround. We will set an estimated deadline and the project will be delivered following the date.