image background removing service

Image Background Removing Service

Using this particular photo editing service, the expert photo editors remove the background of an image. Consequently, the photo gets an impressive and shiny outlook. Finally, you can use the photos for your promotional, business, commercial or any other marketing needs. And when people see the catchy photos, they become impressed. The impression lasts for a longer time.

Frequent use of background removal service, helps to shape and polish the photos professionally. In fact, a photo is able to explain anything that more than a thousand words fail to do. So, if you can use the right photos, certainly you will get the desired amount of attention from your audiences. And the more attention you get, the more the chances of success increases.

This is a leading photo editing service. It comes with the combination of removing the background from the image alongside some basic editing. The other photo editing includes cropping the object, adjustment of the brightness and contrast, changing the color tone, and more.

All the techniques make the background removing process easier, effortless. Also, it becomes easier to apply more stylish editing on the photos. And finally, you get a professional looking photo for your further use. By applying the edited photos, you can have a better growth of your business. And can unlock the potential to cross boundaries.

What Graphic Design Eye offers to its clients?

Photo editing, no doubt, is a task that requires creativity. Only some basic skills to edit a photo is merely enough to bring a professional outlook to your photos. Hence, you need experts to deal with the matters. Graphic Design Eye is the company that owns a group of expert and experienced photo editors.

The photo editors of this graphic design company know the process of background removing service. So, they can help you build your brands. Ultimately, it will result in better sales, healthy relations with your customers and longer innings in your business.

Moreover, we apply background removing on a photo with great care. The backdrop that we select helps to make the photo look striking than it was before. Alongside background removing, we also apply some basic photo editing techniques to enhance the beauty.

Another impressive fact is that we are able to process over 4,000 photos in a day. Our experts are able to remove the background in a short time. And they do it manually. We do not use any artificial software to edit the photos. Hence, the turnaround time is also less than similar other image background removing service providers.

Flexible pricing is the other aspect that needs appraisal. Our clients have several flexible order placing and payment options. They can select the best one from the available options.

Image Background Removing Service Price Categories

Based on our client needs and workloads, we have set four categories of price plans for this service. They are - simple, medium, complex and super complex.

Simple Background Removing

image background removing service

As the name suggests, the images are too simple (check the photo). To remove the background of a simple photo begins from $.20 cent.

Medium Background Removing

photo background removing service

In the medium category, we have several objects in the photos. Check the photo here to get an idea about the medium category. Therefore, the price of this category is a bit higher. We charge $1 per photo for this image background removing service.

Complex Background Removing

image background removing service

Photos with more than three subjects and some unwanted elements, belong to the complex category. It takes a bit of time to remove backgrounds from such photos. Also, we have to polish the edges, change the color tone, etc. The typical price of this background removing service is $4.50 per photo.

Super Complex Background Removing

photo background removing service

The super complex category involves lots of tasks. We need to remove the background, add effects, polish edges, fine-tune the color and more. Hence, the price is higher and begins at $8. However, for bulk orders, you will get a flat rate which is also the subject to negotiation.

Image Background Removing FAQs

The sole reason for using the image background removing service is to remove the distractions from the photos. In fact, while having a photoshoot, it is not possible to create a convenient environment all the time. So, the post-production phase plays a crucial role here. Using the common photo editing services, the background is changed. As a result, the photos become free from distractions. Also, the photos get an authentic, and premium look.

The process of image background removing is simple. We apply a manual method – using the Photoshop pen tool. First, we draw the outline of the background to be removed from the image. Then we remove the background and add any transparent or required setting. The entire process is manually completed, and we do not apply any automated tools or processes.

Of course, we add some effects and editing in a image background removing process. In fact, when we remove a background from a photo, we need to perform some basic editing. At times, the photos are not in perfect position or resolution. Besides, it may appear necessary to crop the photos.

So, when we apply image background removing techniques, we also do the basic editing and apply some minor effects. Hence, the photos look beautiful.

Certainly. We have the option for revision in photo background removing projects for our clients. In case of necessity, we provide unlimited revisions to make the photos look the best. And the revision is entirely complementary.

Photo background removing is one of the most important and impressive ways to enhance photos. This photo editing process is able to grab instant attention from every quarter. So, the list of service recipients is extensive. It is suitable for e-commerce, all types of online and real-life businesses. No matter if you deal with attires or a real estate business firm, you can avail it.

Undoubtedly photo background removing is a secured process. If you place an order to us, we will ensure the optimum level of security and privacy for your photos and other information. In fact, we do not share the information with any outsiders or third-party. Solely, we use the information, photos and other details to complete the project smoothly.

Hence, you need not to worry about your privacy.

Well. The cost is minimal. Our image background removing projects begin from $.20 per photo. However, if you place a bulk order, the price will also come down to a substantial extent. Because we offer a flat discount on bulks. Also, this is all about negotiations.