clipping path service provider

Clipping Path Service Provider

A clipping path service provider plays the key role in enhancing your business through editing the background of a photo. In a nutshell, a clipping path is the way of removing the background of an image to make it look free from flaws.

When the background is removed, the photo gets a special appeal. Often the backgrounds are noisy and it is not possible to go for another photo shoot for the business or products. But apply the simple clipping path, you can have an outstanding image.

The Graphic Design Eye is the place where you can have the best clipping path service. We use the premium photo editing software to beautify your photos. The key task is to remove the background from a photo and add a new one replacing the former.

Moreover, our expert photo editors apply some basic photo editing techniques to make the photos adorable. Next, they apply the pen tool or follow other necessary measures to make the path and finally complete the image with a new look.

Photo Clipping Path Services By Complexity

Clipping path service is separated into four categories. They are

Simple clipping path

clipping path service provider

As the name suggests, it is the primary clipping path service. And it takes less time to edit a photo. The price range is also lower for such clipping path service providing tasks.

Medium clipping path

clipping path service provider

In this type, our photo editors apply some advanced techniques. Usually, the images have several backgrounds and need removal. Therefore, the processing time is a bit more than its former type.

Complex clipping path

clipping path service provider

Under this category, our photo editors have to perform several editing tasks together. Usually, there are two or more backgrounds, noises, and other elements in the photos. Hence, our expert photo editors remove them one after another.

Super complex clipping path

clipping path service provider

It is the final type and involves a lot of time and effort. We term those photos as super complex where multiple elements are available. And our editors need to remain highly careful while removing the backgrounds. Moreover, polishing the photos also takes some more time.

Clipping path providing price in 2022

The Graphic Design Eye is a client-friendly company. So, it never pushes its clients for an excessive payment. Instead, we try to provide a quality service with a marginal payment to our clients. Based on the clipping path service type, we offer the following price plan for our valued clients.

Price List

  • 1 to 50 Images

    Non discount on your order

  • 51 to 100 Images

    Get 10% discount

  • 101 to 200 Images

    Avail 15% discount

  • 201 to 500 Images

    Claim 20% discount

  • 501 to 1000+ Images

    25% off on order


    Huge 50% off





Clipping Path Providing FAQs

Clipping path is one of the most important and impressive photo editing techniques. It can make the photo look the best. So, we have added some questions and answers for your convenience. However, it was not possible to accommodate all the questions here. So, if you feel that you want to know more, we are open. You can send your queries to us, and we will reply as much as possible.

Clipping path service is also known as clipping path. It is the process of removing the background of a photo using the pen tool in Photoshop.

Following the process, a photo editor cuts the main object from the image. The sole aim of this purpose is to enhance the photo's beauty.

Selecting the best service provider is a big deal. In fact, there are a notable number of similar service providers available. But not all of them can render the best service.

Therefore, you need to remain careful while you select the service provider.

The first thing is to know their experience. Ask them how long they have been in operation and who are their clientele. Also, you need to get some recommendations from their existing clients or former service receivers.

Besides, you need to check their samples. It is wise to ask for their free trial to check their quality.

Do not forget to know the delivery time. And if they deliver fast, check the quality of the images. Otherwise, you have to suffer in the long run.

Cost for this particular task is another issue. Make sure, you are not paying more than you get. Alternatively, you can compare the price with similar other service providers.

Placing an order to use is a simple process. You either can use the order placing page, or can directly email to us informing your needs. So, when you are using the order placing page, you have to provide necessary information in the form. And we will get you back.

Or if you email us, the same is applicable. Clearly mention your needs in brief. You can also attach a couple of samples with the email. Our customer support and communication team will get you back for further advancement of the order.

At the Graphic Design Eye, we are flexible to our clients. They can clear their payments using different payment gateways. For their convenience, we have arranged for direct bank transfer, international gateways like Paypal, among others. Also, we receive payments using MFS for our domestic clients.