Post Production Services

Post-production is the addition of some after processing job that is done to make a picture look wonderful. In another word, it is a process of photo editing with a bulk experiment and various types of editing processes like background removing, image masking, photo retouching, etc. post-production is a necessary part of filmmaking, video production, and photography.

Simply put, taking a photo with a high-resolution camera isn’t enough at present. Editing or retouching is the word that anyone can’t be denied at present, whenever we take a photo of anything, we must edit it to look better and exclusive to visualize.

Importance of post-production services

The importance of post-production can’t be ended by saying.  It is as important as the photoshoot and without this, a photographer is useless with his/her camera or DSLR. in this period, you may have the question of what post-production service can do?

Well, post-production has the power or ability to make things change. For example, you took a photograph that includes a rough background in it and simply you want to change the background. or you might want to change your dress color in the picture, post-production service will help you with this issue. After taking the photograph, it will allow you to remove, add, or isolate any of the objects in your picture.

Post-production is now more important to those who are doing business on an online platform. It seems a process of which cannot be avoided to them. If you ever visit an online store, you must realize that it deals with photos and images. Online product images must need to be edited and you should need to meet a post-production service provider at all.

Who needs post-production services?

Anybody who wants to make his/her dull or faded photo into an eye-catching and attractive one, post-production service will bless them with a huge possibility. So, there are many more who can seek this post-processing service and these are,

·         Large photography agency

·         Online website owner

·         Modeling photography

·         Video production agency

·         Audio production agency

·         And so on

Post Production Services Category

We're talking about post product service and its usage and importance so long. Now, it's time to discuss the category of post-production service to make a clear sense of it. Post-production service is the addition of some huge editing techniques.

Photo background remove

It is known by the clipping path and it is the service that is being used hugely nowadays. It is the process of removing background from a picture or adding a white or transparent into it. It also used the image masking technique to do the job subtly. Clicking photographs isn’t enough for photos especially when it comes to the question of online product business. with this service, you will be able to remove green or unwanted background from your image, can clean up dust or any objects from your image. if your picture is normal and if it doesn’t have so many curved edges, then you should use a clipping path. Unlike the clipping path, if your image has fur or a blurry area, you must go for an image masking technique.

Image masking

Image masking is also a technique of removing background from an image. A masking image is a method of graphics software like Photoshop to hide some portions of an image and to open some portions. It is a non-destructive process of image editing but it is the hardest technique for digital image editing. We all know that there are a couple of ways to separate the background of a photo and replace it with a new one. Some images need to be used for clipping paths and some used for masking. Both clipping path and image masking will provide you with the same result but they are significantly useful in different terms. Because image masking is used to remove the background of complex images that have fur, hair, fuzzy and unclear objects. On the other hand, the clipping path is only applied to simple images and sharps the edges of an image.

Photo Retouching

It is another technique that is slightly applied in the images to remove unsightly items and improve the overall quality of the image. This process uses masks to hide blemishes, smooth skin as well as to whiten teeth. You can adjust your face width, eyes, and hair color to make your portrait image more beautiful. Although photo retouching can be done with some sort of editing process like.

Spot healing

This tool is a must applied for modeling photography as it removes blemishes on the face or body. Sometimes it needs to remove pimples, stains from the face, or the body to make a portrait picture perfect. With those strains, the picture may look uncomfortable. So, an expert photo retouched uses a spot healing tool to wash out these unwanted strains from the image.

Frequency adjustment

This tool is used to control the skin texture of the image. The frequency adjustment tool is so useful to make the skin of an image sharper or blurred. It can control the skin condition of the image as well.

Dodge and burn

This tool allows you to simply control the light and dark of specific areas in an image. but remember, it is a matter of consideration that, using this tool without the proper knowledge may burn your picture which means, your picture would lose its quality if you apply the dodge and burn tool too much.

Eye retouching

It is a very common editing process that includes eye bag removal, changing the eye color, and shadow adjustment in the eyes.


Resizing is an essential task of every photo editing process that an expert can do. It is a basic editing tool that is applied to cropping out a picture in perfect shape. For every single image, resizing is necessary to grab the attention of the viewers on a vital point of the image.

Jewelry retouching service

Jewelry retouching service is a very familiar graphic design service nowadays. It commonly uses jewelry business owners to make their product image look glitter and shinier and also to create an awesome effect on the customer’s mind. By retouching the jewelry product, it will easily catch the eye of any woman as it gives the product image an impressionable 3D look.

Photo retouching for portraits

In a portrait photo, the photo editor makes the photo skin smooth, brighten teeth, mask splotches. Also, they make the face thin and enhance eyes as needed. They also change hair color to match the body shape of the model. Although a retouched photo attracts the attention of people and makes an influence on people to take action. So, it's very important to make an excellent photo retouch. Typically, an experienced retouched will modify an image that is in keeping with the wishes of the client. Images need to fit the company’s branding.

Ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin is a service that is used to remove the mannequin from the dress image to make it look like a 3D image. Ghost mannequin service is highly important for those who run garment products in an online platform to sell or wholesale.  if you are an online retailer, then you must need the best image of your dresses or products to add good looking and perfect filling for the customers. Live models can be more costly for your business if you are a small retailer, on the other way, neck joint service is a smart one-time investment for your product photography. Whatever, it is an important term for the garments industry owners. 

Color correction

When you take pictures, especially if you are in a bulk photo shoot, then you might realize later that some of the pictures have lighting faults. Because of lighting, environment, perspective, and camera setting, the regular color of the image may change or can be disrupted. But you can solve this problem with this post-production service that is named as color correction. You might also want to change the color of your hair, especially if you have grey hair. With color correction service, you will have the correct color put in the photos to match your needs.