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Hello there, glad to see you here in the blog section of Graphic Design Eye, a well-known graphic design and photo editing service provider online. We publish SEO-maintained quality blog posts in each aspect of Graphic design, Photo editing, Digital marketing, Entrepreneur, Photography, Ecommerce business, Fashion design, 3D designs, Animation design, Augmented reality, Lifestyle, Web design & development, App development, Automobile, and all creative design-related articles.

We are interested in accepting blog posts from authoritative and acceptable sources that will match our requirements. Since we are so attentive to maintain reader-friendly articles to support clients, audiences, and organic readers. We also publish graphic design and editing solutions, ecommerce image solutions seemingly and in the meantime, we form the easiest way for them to take our services.

However, this is a guideline for bloggers to inform them what we consider before accepting posts to publish in our blog. If you want to see your writing here, you should follow the rules described here to publish your articles on the blog,

Posting regulations

Though Google isn’t on the side of guest posts but we value it because it helps both the guest and the host. It helps starters to have a great push in their starting by the Do follow links they have implied. Posting has a clear purpose, so you can take advantage of it if you get it.

To make post in Graphic Design Eye blog, your article has to ensure these regulations,

Article length

  • Your article should be minimum 1500+ words.
  • And topic completely

Article get-up

Articles should follow all the aspects of the SEO pattern. We are not accepting guest posts that are lacking in this. For your convenience, here is the pattern that we follow in this regard,

  • Informative article
  • Short sentence
  • Proper use of headings (H1 – H4)
  • Cannot be matched with a single source means, 100% plagiarize free unique content
  • Main Title with a good SEO score
  • Must use bullet points
  • Bold focus keyword
  • Grammatical error-free
  • Max 1/2 external do follow link & 4/5 internal linking

Post Niche

We accept this topic on guest posts like,

  • Graphic design
  • Photography & Photographer
  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Web design & development

If your post is included in any of these categories and organized through our requirements, then it will be eligible to be posted in our blog.

Article image

We prefer images in guest posts because the images make the article look good and keep the reader's attention intact. On your guest post, it must have,

  • 1 featured image
  • 2/3 additional image

SEO Meta Description

You should have provided SEO meta description with your article. Your meta description should be well optimized, concede with a maximum of 160 characters, and persuading.

If you think you can maintain all these regulatory rules of posting in our blog, then you are most welcome.

Note: Our blog editor has the right to edit your post for further modification. and one more thing, we aren't going to accept any promoting article.

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