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Car Wrapping Design Service

The wrap design is a distinguished sector of digital art that makes a huge sense and responds to give a unique look to the vehicle you use for your brand purpose. Brand owners always intended to increase brand awareness, and therefore, they implemented several strategies. Wrapping vehicles with design perceptions have become a trend at present. Owners all over the world are extremely using brand design services because it is a powerful way to let people know about their brand identity. The wrap design is mostly famous for car wrapping. You can wrap all types of car you want, bus, truck, private car, micro, bike, cycle for example. Car wrapping has some great advantages, you could benefit a lot by wrapping cars with brand outlook or any artistic design you desire to affix in your favorite vehicle. No matter, vehicle wrap design is now readily available and you can find hundreds of car wrapping design services online always ready to take responsibility for wrapping your car professionally.

Graphic Design Eye is a mentionable one of them. We are a team of professional design experts who are always ready to provide a complete solution to all of your content creation needs. If you are new to car wrap design, you still have a lot to know. Before choosing any online service, you must do research about its authenticity. Because not all service agencies are professional and preferable. There are also frauds always lying-in wait to trap you.

6 types of vehicle wrapping design

With the help of advanced wrapping technology and enthusiasts’ creative design minds, car wrap design has reached a new era these days. It makes brand expansion fast, effective and less in a period of time. You may go for other ways to increase your brand awareness such as offline print advertisements and other branding designs but they are not as effective as wrap design. When you have the branded wrap vehicle, your brand will go everywhere with you through the vehicle wrapping. In this way, people in distant areas who haven't heard about your brand before can get to know you when you are in that area for any reason. Unlike the other brands, they advertise materials which are static and can’t ensure if people have attended to them or not.

A vehicle is a movable thing and when you attach your brand adverts to it, it will turn into a mobile advertising opportunity for you and your brand. The car wrap design is highly responsive to create a first and permanent impression on your audience’s mind. It also drives brand value and helps to create a trustworthy profile design as well. Here are the most common and demandable car wrap designs that people take the most.

Vehicle wrapping design

vehicle wrapping design

Nowadays vehicle wrap design has become very popular. Vehicle wrap means to cover a vehicle by a graphical designed a proper visualization of information. We are providing the car wrap design to meet all the requirements of a client. We have 400+ graphic designers who can give you the perfect design that you want. First of all, we assess the requirements of our clients and then we make a proper vehicle design for their vehicle. Vehicles are a way to transport and while designing a vehicle wrap there needs to maintain some vehicle designing rules. There need the proper creativity to ensure the best look for your company and your vehicle. So the vehicle design has to be perfect in color combination, information and total frequency of text and images in it.

Car wrapping design

car wrapping design

While vehicles are mostly used by the big industry-leading companies, cars are adjustable for small companies and organizations to perform distance operations for their brand. You can see both big and small businesses have cars wrapping their brand name, logo design, and eye-catching graphics to the whole car. If you are also a brand and you think you need this type of living advertising. Then you should find professional help in this regard to perfectly wrap your car with your preferred design. For companies, a private car, microbus, or other transport system is necessary to transfer brand product items, make home delivery, and so on. In this modern world, it is necessary to have a personal transport system to do things professionally. Brand cars with brand design wrapped encourage both potentials and new customers to get to your brand.

Bicycle wrapping design

bicycle wrapping design

Bicycle is a personal transport system that is preferable to people of all ages. The bicycle comes as a passion for teenagers as you can most of the teenagers who don’t have a motorcycle, used to have a bicycle. Bicycles with a custom wrapping design are what people like and wish to have. Bicycle wrapping design can simply turn the as usual mountain bike into looks gorgeous and attractive. How do you want to look at your bicycle?

Although, bicycle wrap design is not so easy. Because it is different from the other vehicle types and also spaces are short here to make the design exaggerated. But we can make it easy and almost done for you. If you have a design in your mind which you want to see on your bicycle, then we would help you to make your dream come true. We will make the design within a short time which you could use to print and attach part by part on your bicycle.

Motorcycle wrapping design

motorcycle wrapping design

Motorcycles are all about fashion. It is a rapid way of transport too. You see men who are always thinking of motorcycles, dream of motorcycles, and love to do risky stunts with their bikes. However, motorcycle owners are always intent on decorating their beloved bikes with various bike accessories. There are a lot of things that are used to attach motorcycles to increase the overall beauty of them. With motorcycle wrapping design service, you are able to create an aesthetic customized wrapping design for your motorcycle. These are the vinyl printed wraps specially created for sports bikes, motorcycles, and cruisers. Either you have a personal motorcycle or as brand transport, we can design both personalize and for brand design perceptions. There are many design service providers in the world but a few can bring the best quality and affordable price together. This is what the Graphic Design Eye is special for providing the best services at the cheapest price..

Bus wrapping design

bus wrapping design

Buses are common as brand transport to lift up stuff every day to the office in just time. You may see busses in the street with a particular brand identity wrapping in the whole body of the bus. Bus wrap should come differently from the other wrap design. Because busses are used to carry passengers, not goods or products. Therefore, it should become in good combination with the brand design and with a good overall look.

There is a big space on a bus and within this space, you have to design the message that you want to expose. The size is not a matter for us. You just give us your requirements and we’ll bring out the best for you. If you want to make a custom design for your bus, we may be your first choice as we have the expert team to make your design see live.

Truck wrapping design

car wrapping design services

Trucks are another great form of the brand transport system. It is used for transporting goods, materials, petroleum, or any kind of product. The truck is basically used for commercial transport purposes. No matter what the size of your truck or how big the design you need. We are always ready to make the best graphic design services for your company. If you have a big truck and covered van, it means you have more chances to make your vehicle more interesting. The truck wrap design includes proper design and along with it, there should be proper graphical visualization of information. It is very important to bring out the best information in the design of a truck wrap design. Not to worry, we are highly accustomed to doing it and so, we can provide the best truck wrap design to you.

Vehicle Wrapping Design Service Pricing

In the long run, providing graphic design services, we work with clients all over the world. It won't be possible to survive these years without the massive support and feedback from the clients who are satisfied with our service. Our slogan is providing the best possible graphic design service at the lowest price to save your money up to 30%. If you take a deep look, you will see that the graphic design services provided online, ask for a huge price that isn’t affordable for small e-commerce retailers and business brand owners.

Here is the wrapping design service price list below you can see all the particular wrap design services including the price. The price starts from $100 and it raises to $300 with more advantages and revisions. You can choose any of them you need and we will deliver the order within 2 or 3 working days.


  • Sample Partial Wrapping Design + 2 Revision

    FROM $100
  • Car Wrapping Design (EXPECTED 2 CONCEPT) + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $250
  • Bus Wrapping Design (EXPECTED 2 CONCEPT) + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $500
  • Truck Wrapping Design (EXPECTED 2 CONCEPT) + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $300
  • Snowmobile Wrapping (EXPECTED 2 CONCEPT) + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $150
  • Bicycle Wrapping Design (EXPECTED 2 CONCEPT) + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $300
  • Motorcycle Wrapping Design (EXPECTED 2 CONCEPT) + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $300
  • Any type (CONTRACTUAL)

    By Quotation

Vehicle Wrapping Design FAQs

Do you have any other inquiries about the car wrap design service? If yes, then you can find the possible answer here below. Here we have added a few frequently asked questions about this service. If you don’t find yours here, you can directly ask that through Get a quote on our website. It is the best way to quickly connect with our public administrator. So, let’s take a look at what we have got for you,

Basically, the vehicle wrap is made of vinyl with adhesive on its back. Vehicle wrap highly depends on the design. The important thing is to have an extraordinary design for the vehicle wrap. So, the first and the most important thing is to design a vehicle wrap, and then the design has to be submitted for approval. After the approval, the design goes for printing. The graphic design print has to be done on the required paper of material that is easy to apply on cars body material. Once the printing is done the entire paper has to be laminated by a cold press laminator to protect the print from scratches, abrasion, and damage from the sun. So, laminating is important.

After the laminating is completed, here we go for the cut-out in the required shape of the design. Our cutting process is computer-controlled and there is a tiny blade to cut out the paths that we determined through the computer. After the cutting process is completed, they need the wedding. Weeding means cutting out the unwanted portion of the wrapping sheet. Whenever cutting and weeding are completed, we need to go for masking. Masking is a strong element of this vehicle wrap process. There is a need for the help of masking tape to complete the masking. After doing all these things the final task comes. The installation starts whenever the masking is done. As we know that the design and the letters have to be placed perfectly so the masking needs to be very accurate and the installation or the attachment should be run in a slow and accurate manner.

The car wrap design is the process of covering up a car with a printed design. Wrapping a car is an essential step of branding. Usually, there needs to design a brand perception on the car to display some information, company branding, and customize the design to make the car look gorgeous. Car wrapping has some other benefits too. Sometimes, it is used to hide scratches, abrasion, and dent on the paint of the car body. Wrap covers the car and also gives a new look to the care. So there needs to print a car wrap after designing properly and then print the design and upon the printing is done there needs to install the printing into the car. There are many ways to print a car wrap and there needs to be the best design service to bring out the best. So, to make the best car wrap it is very important to have the most accurate and stable hand to get the best finishing.

Since car wrapping has become a common trend at present, wrapping agencies are now aware of and intend to provide the best design and installment in this regard. Car wrapping requires huge knowledge and skills to perfectly wrap up a car with vinyl wraps. It is not an easy task although the installer has to understand how the design would fit and look best to the cars. Car vinyl wrap is the best possible process to change the interior or exterior of your car and hide imperfections. The most common parts to wrap your car include mirrors, spoiler, bonnet, roof, dashboard, and any other interior elements. For cars and vehicle design, vinyl wrap is being used to stop the damage of the car body and this is easy to remove. There are a huge variety of wraps available in the market. But a few are designed especially for automotive usage, which helps to avoid problems with the installation and longevity. There are three types of vinyl mostly used for car wrap by professionals. They are,

  • Cast vinyl
  • Colored vinyl
  • Clear vinyl

In recent times, it has become a popular car modification to use vinyl wrap on cars worldwide. It is cheaper than painting and a wide range of designs on the car wrap helps to make your car stand out from the crowd with a different appearance. It is a difficult task to wrap a car if you are not skilled in this.

It is simple to find car designers from the web but to find the best one for your car wrap design is a bit harder. For creating the best design for your car wrap, you’ll need the best car wrap design service provider. You just need to find the best one and the rest is their duty to make you satisfied. There are a few steps to get your car design done. And these are designing, design approval, printing, laminating, cutting, weeding, masking, and installing. Within these procedures, the most important work is to ensure the best design for your car. The skilled, professional, and creative team of the artist can make you satisfied in this term. Graphic Design Eye is offering you the best service for your expected car wrap design. You just tell us your requirements and we’ll make the rest. The best quality at the cheapest price will surely make you satisfied.

Yes, you can take your car through a car wash but the process has to be automated. The wrapped car has to be washed through an automated brushless car wash. But the hand wash is safer and more thorough. Using a brush for washing a car mar occurs a problem for the wrapping. Your design may become rough and the brush car wash may degrade the film of your design. If a car wash uses the water spray and no brushes then it would be safer for the wraps.

There is nothing to damage the car paint when wrapping a car. Car wrapping basically created an extra surface on the painting of the car. It is just adjusted through heat but car wrap is easy to eliminate by pulling out carefully. Car wrap doesn’t harm the paint and even it helps to keep the paint safe. Still, confusion remains regarding whether the car wrap is safe or not. This term depends on the quality of the paint. High-quality paint can confirm durability when low-cost car paint is not up to the mark in terms of durability.

The best way to wash your car wrap is to wash it with water spray. To use most of the safety, hand wash is the best way to wash a car. You can take your car through a car wash but the process has to be automated. The wrapped car has to be washed through an automated brushless car wash. But the hand wash is safer and more thorough. Using a brush for washing a car mar occurs a problem for the wrapping. Your design may become rough and the brush car wash may degrade the film of your design. If a car wash uses the water spray and no brushes then it would be safer for the wraps.

The cost of car wrap design depends on which car you are going to apply to the design. It is also important for us to know about the actual requirements of your car wrap design. There are many car wrap design service providers in the global market. Graphic Design Eye is the best content creation service provider. We are the ones who can make your dream design come true. The actual cost for a car wrap design basically, starts from $300 and it is the cheapest possible price in the market. But the price may vary in terms of the size of design and depending on the variation of vehicle type. Never feel hesitant to ask for a free quote to get the best information about the actual cost of your services. Graphic Design Eye may become your one-stop solution as we can make the combination of both quality and cheap price.

Why should you choose GDE for car wrapping design?

The wrap design is also a professional designer’s task that should be done perfectly. These are designed for vehicles, trucks, and buses to decorate them with the brand’s perception. The car wrap design is a distinct way to show your brand value and trustworthiness. When you roam over the city with your brand wrap-designed car, you are sharing brand identity and brand awareness where you are going. It will help you to have new customers and increase your sales with our digital marketing solutions.

However, you must have professional wrap design service help to ensure the best design for your brand transports. When people come to us for car wrap design, we first take details of the car, brand profile, and how they want to wrap the car. Then we create the design according to your recommendation and we assure you that our design will satisfy you no matter whatever it is. Therefore, you should choose our service for your car wrap design.