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Updated Apr 09,2022
Graphic Design

What is a wordmark logo?

A Wordmark logo is a type of logo which is designed based on words. It’s a common type of logo which is used largely for company representation.

We know that there are various types of the logo to use as a business purpose but it depends on the purpose and the company name and what type of logo will suit your company and purpose best.

As we know there are different types of logo designs like Abstract logos, letter mark logos, typographic logos, mascots logos, and so on. Well, then which is the wordmark logo, and in which class does it belong?

The answer is it belongs to the typography logotype. This type of wordmark logo is designed through the word which consists of the basics of typography. Therefore, it can be said that it belongs to that logotype family.

The wordmark logo is a vital part of graphic design and we can find the touch of the wordmark logo in various renowned companies like Google, eBay, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Forbes, etc.

Most of the time people get confused with wordmark and letter mark logos, therefore, we want to make clear your concept first.

Difference between wordmark & letter mark logo

Well, both of those two types of logos belong to the logotype of the typography logo. There is a close similarity between the wordmark and letter mark logo as both of them are designed with fonts. Though they are similar there is a noticeable difference between them.

The wordmark logo is designed with the full form of the name of a company on the other hand letter mark logo is designed with the short form of the name of the company. Let’s make it clearer,

Wordmark logo

what is a wordmark logo

You have seen the logo of google, canon, Coca-Cola, Alibaba, etc. Those logos are the wordmark logo as they represent the full name of the company. Therefore, we can call them the logotype of the wordmark logo.

Letter mark logo

Lettermark logo

The letter mark logo will represent only the short abbreviation of the full name of your company. Just like you may have seen the logos of CNN, HBO, BBC, IBM, etc. they are the perfect example of the letter mark logo.

We hope you have become clear about the confusion of the wordmark and letter mark logo with the proper specification.

When to use the wordmark logo?

As you know about the difference between wordmark and letter mark logo, it has become clear to you about their formation.

Now, you can say when to use them as a logo? Well, you have to take either a wordmark or a letter mark logo depending on the situation. Suppose you have selected a name for your company which consists of lots of words. In this case, you have to use a letter mark logo so that you can beautifully represent your business logo with a proper looking.

On the other hand, if you think the name of your company consists of some limited letters or it is a meaningful word then you can go for a wordmark logo design for your business logo. This will help you to have the full name of your company.

So, we can say that it depends on the length of your business name. If the name is small enough you can go for the wordmark logo on the other hand you should go for the letter mark logo process.

Elements of a wordmark logo

wordmark logo design

The component of the logo is the most vital part while you are going to design a logo. If you want to have the best and most good-looking wordmark logo for your purposes you need to know about the component of the wordmark logo first.

This will help you to make your logo the best in looking otherwise you may fail to have the good one for your purpose.

List of elements for wordmark logo

You have to bear in mind the below elements while you are going to design a professional and creative-looking wordmark logo for your business.

  • Typeface
  • Fonts
  • Color of fonts
  • Upper- and lower-case positioning
  • Spacing into the letters

To have a great wordmark logo for your business you need to make sure about the above elements are in a proper ratio so that your logo becomes a professional one.

Uses of components in wordmark logo

To make the best use of those above components or elements you have to know about them properly so that you can make the best application of them. If you think you want to use them in the best way then you should bear in mind that you have to make the best combination of those components in your logo.

Make sure what type of font family you want to use and then use the right font with its right size, weight, and style. This will help you to grab the best. Then you have to make the best combination of the color for the logo. Depending on your preferred color and business purpose select the font family and adjust the upper and lower class which suits them the best.

Which font family should I use?

It depends on the purpose of that company. There are various types of fonts and we know that all of the fonts come from basic two types and those are,

  • Serif
  • Sans serif

So, you have to choose the types of fonts first. Then you can go for further steps as required.

Use of serif font in the logo

If you think you want to express the traditional face of your business you can go for the Serif font family. This will also give the feel of an expensive look to your business logo.

  • Traditional company
  • Organization
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine

The above types of companies and institutions use Serif fonts in their business logo.

We see most of the old and traditional business companies have used the Serif family font to have nostalgia feelings in their business logo.

Use of sans serif font in the logo

If you think your company is related to modern terms and technology and your company makes the invention of something, you should use the Sans Serif fonts. This will help you to represent your company name with a valuable look in the logo.

  • Technology-based company
  • Modern them holding company
  • Innovative company

Along with them, you can use the Sans Serif font family if you think you want to have a modernizing effect on your business logo.

Colors for wordmark logo

After making the fix of fonts you need to think about the color of your wordmark logo. This will help you to make your logo a unique and appealing one. Adding color to your wordmark logo will give you a vibrant look along with a special impact on your logo.

You can use your signature brand color in your logo so that you can reflex your impression in the logo too. Just have a look at the below logos which are beautifully colored and get their beautiful appearance.

Wordmark logo with background design

You can also make your wordmark logo a unique one if you think you want to have a completely different test in your logo.

After making your wordmark logo you can use the solid background in that wordmark one. This will help you to get a new dimension in your logo.

To have more variation you can change the background depending on the position of your fonts. Just check out the below logo example to have clear ideas.

We have come to an end of the topic of the wordmark logo and we hope you have gotten all the required info that you need to make the best decision before taking your logo design.

If you think you want the best typography logo you have to select one of them depending on the quality and the length of your business name.

Therefore, it is to suggest that you should hire the best and most creative graphic design company to have the best and most relevant remarkable logo for your business and brand promotion.