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Video Editing Service

In the current online marketing scenario, video has taken a big place and has become the main focus of online marketers. It is because we are more likely to see videos than other types of content. The use of video in marketing strategies has increased significantly in recent years. And statistics show that 86% of businesses intend to use video as a marketing tool.

In such situations, if you are an online business, then you must consider video for successful marketing and audience reach. Looking for the right video created and edited for you? Whether it is for your marketing promotions or you want to make eye popping corporate videos for your business, you are in the right place here to get the best video editing you need.

Graphic Design Eye has been providing graphic design services online since 2016. Our team has worked with clients from all over the world on graphic design, photo editing, and video editing projects.

There are many individual video editing service available online but you need a reliable one, right? Then you can give us first priority because we are helping ecommerce businesses and online agencies outreach their preferred sales channel and social media platforms.

Breaking the law, offering the most affordable video editing service online

Outsourcing video editing services are expensive because freelancers and video editing services demand is so high whether they work hourly or project basis. Therefore, small businesses don't usually intend to create video content produced by professionals.

However, it is true that video editing is not something that anyone can do. Rather it requires time to become an expert and to learn all the complex tools to make outstanding video content for your needs. Since traditional video editing services are too expensive, Graphic Design Eye becomes distinguished by offering the most affordable video editing service online.

No matter what business you are in, you can get the best value for money from our services. How? Let’s dive deep inside of our service to learn what you can get, our prices, and other discussions.

Types of video editing services we offer

Video creation and video content are on the rise because video content has a higher engagement rate than other types of content on social media and YouTube. If you are a brand or business and have online social media activities, then you must create video content to engage the audience.

Therefore, video has become an integral part of social media business and marketing. Perhaps you are an ecommerce retailer who needs scroll breaking product videos for social media ads or animations and other types of videos. Graphic Design Eye will help you develop a strong brand identity by providing stunning video content. Here are some examples of what we do.

Short brand video

video editing service

Short or long brand videos that talk about the brand, its specialties, and credibility help to get new audiences and improve relationships with potential customers. According to statistics, 60% of consumers express that they would like to see more video content from their favorite brand. Brand video extends brand identity, and brand recognition by showing brand professionalism. If you are struggling to create a strong brand identity with a newly built ecommerce business, you can start video marketing to promote your business. Don’t worry, we will execute all the things you need from video editing & post production to adding intro, outro, transitions, effects, music, and so on.

Product demonstration

video editing service

Are you an ecommerce retailer, a product manufacturing industry, or an influencer? Whatever, product is the main resource for the company and retailers. Social media has made online business seamless as it helps consumers to find required products within a few moments and brands reach their target audience with advertising.

So, if you want to sell any product on social media, a creative professional product demonstration video will be perfect to get the right audience’s attention. Our editing team is full of creative minds who get into researching your audience base and find the right type of video content for your business. They can create slideshows, creative animation, product motion graphics, etc according to your demand.

YouTube video editing

video editing service

For YouTubers, vloggers, and social media content creators, we do post process videos and make them outstanding. It includes,

  • Creating eye catching thumbnail for each video
  • Giving cinematic effect to vlog
  • Adding end screen
  • Trim
  • Color correction
  • Caption/subtitles
  • Remove unwanted parts from your video
  • Background music

Turn your simple videos into professional one by video editing experts in our team and get high impressions, views, and reactions. When it is a YouTube video, you need to provide the RAW video on which we will apply editing. For best results, you should be careful while shooting and create strong storyline for your video.

Video Ads for social media

video editing service

Online businesses and marketers are now depending on ads. Powerful video ads are what helps social media marketers more than anything. A successful video ad can outreach your identity and increase ROI (Return on Investment). To ensure maximum results from your online ads, you first need to create engaging content for them. Whichever platform you choose for your next ad, our creative content creation team will create ad content that will achieve desired results on selective platforms.

Whether it is carousel ad or short video, slideshow, instant experience, lead generation ad, or creative ads, we will create exactly what you need to achieve your desired goal. Our team is adept with industry best practices for social media ads.

How-to videos

video editing service

How to video is one of the most used types of video content nowadays. It demonstrates solutions or hacks that people often ask. As it illustrates necessary methods and solutions, people want to see those who need to learn. You can create videos with how to methods for your niche category and can reach your target audience in the market.

For example, if you are a local juice seller, you can create videos like ‘how to create orange juice with other ingredients to make heavenly orange juice at home. This type of video doesn’t always need to record real time action, it can be done with animation and motion graphics. If you are looking for creating how to type videos for your brand or website, we will professionally create the job for you.

Big announcements

video editing service

Sometimes, brand needs to make big announcements such as upcoming big sales, location changes, etc. This is the announcement that the brand wants to know to potential customers and audience. If you are going to make such a big announcement for your brand, you can create it with video content instead of photos. It will make a good audience impression and increase your brand credibility. Let’s discuss your announcement and our content creation team will build high quality content that will attract your audiences more.

Evergreen videos

video editing services

Evergreen videos are those video content that remains in people’s interest for a longer time. Generally, they have a higher search volume and stay relevant for years and people also search and view them frequently. Evergreen videos make a huge sense for brands and businesses. They can make evergreen videos once and benefit from them year after year. For instance, short promo clips describing your brand, testimonials, customer experience, or case studies are one time investments for brand video marketing. You can use such videos on your website, YouTube channel, and social media pages to show potential and target audiences. Also, you can create evergreen entertaining or educational content on niche relevant topics.

Promotions, deals, giveaways

video editing services

Think you are going to announce promotions, deals, and giveaways on your ecommerce store and you want to know it to all the potential as well as new audiences. Well, a simplistic short less than 5 seconds animation video can do it in the best way. Although, they are still good as images, Gifs if you want to make them in that way. Whatever types you want, we will deliver you professional visual content to make your upcoming brand announcements.

Explainer videos

video editing services

Need explainer videos on landing pages or your website’s home page or any other, you should make it interesting and in a way that shows your brand professionalism. Explainer videos can be short or long, usually built on brand initials and explain brand products or services. Explainer videos are helpful to construct brand identity, audience retention, and brand recognition. Good explainer videos can tell viewers why they should follow your brand and why you are distinguished from competitors. You can create explainer videos about your brand and place them on your website's home page. It will make a good first impression on newcomers. We have helped many brands create high engaging explainer videos that bring the desired results. Once you tell us about your requirements, we'll make the best demonstration video for your explanation.

Animation video

video editing services

Animation videos are at the top of the digital marketing trend and also it has the highest impression and conversion rate on social media and the web. Real life shooting is so expensive because of hiring models, videographers, and scriptwriters, and also need to equip necessary instruments. Therefore, it seems expensive for small brands since they don’t always have a high budget for advertising. For them, animation is a great alternative to connect with broad audience and it is cost effective. You don't have to spend all day setting up the camera and filming, you can hire a professional and let him do it. Our team consists of creative and dedicated animation artists who can create eye-popping animations for brand visual communication.

Viral video

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Our creative design and video creation team has previously worked with viral corporate video projects for clients' needs and successfully created videos that hit the viral list on the preferred platform. To ensure the highest reach, we will brief your goals, audience, and other aspects of your business to bring out the best content idea to go viral. If you want then we will monetize social media analytics to measure the performance and promote and distribute the video to separate channels where your target audiences are. However, if you have any pre idea for social media viral posting, we will help you to illustrate that and make it engaging content for you.

Real estate video production

video editing

From our previous experience working with real estate developers and affiliate programmers, our team already achieved great satisfaction with their work from clients. Whether you have raw footage or images, we will make stunning presentations of interior, exterior look, and other views of your property. You can trust our experts as they deliver simplistic high quality video for your needs. Our team is built to execute any video creation projects for clients' needs. They have been working in this field for over 5 years and so they specialize in all popular video editing software and tools available. They can provide you with any kind of video editing you need.

Video editing FAQs

Video editing service helps our clients to use the footage effectively for business and other promotions. Also, it is a mode of effective communication. Getting the service from us will ensure you a smooth experience. So, we have arranged a couple of relevant questions and their answers for your convenience.

You will need to submit all the materials that seem necessary to accomplish the job. For example, you may need to provide your business logo and other information for making corporate videos. And if it is video footage that you want to edit and make outstanding, you must provide the footage at first. No problem, we'll ask for the materials needed to make the video perfect for you.

It depends on the project, what type of video you are going to edit, is it real footage or a brand new animation video you want. According to the project and requirements. It can take 1 hour to 1 day and sometimes even more than 5 days to 1 week for bigger video post production projects. If you want to know the estimated time for specific video creation and post process, contact the support and let us know about your requirements. However, you can also give us deadline and get it finished within the given time. We know the value of your time and are quick to respond to your orders.

The cost varies based on the project. Video editing service price differs based on the video type & video min, what it includes, and the duration of the video. Needless to say, the longer the video is, the higher it will cost. Whether you are making videos for social media advertisements or it is something for announcement, explainer video, or any other, it isn't possible to say about the cost without a project briefing.

We work on both hourly and project basis how you like it. If you want to go hourly basis then we will decide the total time required for the project to complete and deliver in time. By hourly rate, we will charge $50 - $100 per hour, and on a project basis, we’ll discuss and decide the total cost for a particular project.

Yes, we do corporate video editing for industries and multipurpose brands. Unlike general video editing projects, corporate video editing requires more in depth research and analysis of clients' business ecosystem. Regardless of your business, if you consider video marketing strategies, we'll find crazy marketing videos to help you improve.

We provide a range of online services that may need online marketers, business owners, and influencers to increase identity and awareness. From simple background removal to complex video editing, content creation, social media advertisement, and others, you will find Graphic Design Eye a great asset on your journey. Check out our website's home page to explore the variety of services we have been providing for years.

Of course, we can edit your raw footage and make it from ordinary to gorgeous. We will perform with professional color grading, add cinematic effects, add or remove unwanted parts, glitch effects, titles, and so on to make the video the way you want it to look.

Yes, we used to add voice over by specialists and music on videos as per the client’s requirements. For music, we choose royalty free background music so you don’t have to face copyright for this. In addition, if you have any specific premium background music recommendations, we’ll find that and use them, no problem. And if you are looking for voice over function, we have dedicated specialists to give the right tone to your video.

Yes, we do collect a copy of all accomplished projects and it remains in our collection for more than 2 years. So, within this period, if you have lost your copy, then you can recollect it from us. However, if you don’t like it and want us to remove the project copy from our side, no problem we will do that.

Yes, our video editing service will not only apply editing and transitions to your videos but will significantly improve the video quality. It will be done with professional software without harming the other aspects of the video.

Splitting video into multiple parts is so common in today’s YouTube video marketing strategy. It helps viewers to easily navigate from section to section of the video and skip the unwanted part. It is recommended for longer videos to increase engagement and views. If your video is long and you want to clip it but don’t know how to do it, then don’t worry, we will split the video for better results.

We charge fewer for revisions after the project completion. Mostly it doesn’t take revision after we make a final review and deliver the product. But if you still need any adjustments, no problem, we will do that in the revision. Sometimes we do the revision free of cost for potential clients who are with us for a couple of years.

What else do our video editing service include?

Like all traditional online video editing service, we also want to assure clients about our professionalism. In professional video editing, there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, if it is real footage, then it requires captions or subtitles, noise cancellation, trim, enhancing the quality, and so on along with post production.

For new clients who want to make sure they get the best value for money, here are some mentionable aspects of our service.

  • Add intro, Outro;
  • Compelling storytelling;
  • Strong visuals;
  • Color corrections/grading;
  • Captions and/or subtitles;
  • Trim & add different clips/photos;
  • Remove unwanted parts;
  • Add cinematic effects;
  • Add beautiful titles;
  • Add transitions & effects;
  • Add or remove voice;
  • Background music;
  • Enhance the quality of audio and video;
  • Secure delivery on specified cloud platform!