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Logo Design Service

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Logo Design Service

Are you in need of a unique logo design service? Are you at a loss of finding the best company to build it for you? graphics design eye is offering you to make the top logo design service for your business at the cheapest price starting from just $10.

There’s no better system to logo design that works for your brand. Many artists will send you plenty of thoughts on your business’ logo, and you’ll choose your choice. The first condition to build your brand is creating a unique logo! Using our logo design service, we’ll provide a unique, beautiful and appropriate logo that will logo design service provide you to brand your business with a brilliant and high-quality, print-ready graphic. We talk with you, utilizing your ideas or a pre-existing logo that needs a refresh. Expert Graphic Design Eye plays an important role in branding and creating unique brand recognition for your company at the cheapest price. Around the world, people can’t understand writing in different languages but are great at remembering symbols.

Brand recognition is integrally connected with the logo of the company. Branding is a more perspective on how your customers experience your company. As a logo is only a small easy mark, a brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company. The main role of a logo is to identify. Remember this, as it shows all the other advice you’ll ever hear. Recognition is what matters. And we’re helping you to get this recognition at the lowest graphic design price list.

Importance of a Logo

A logo is the structure of your organization’s brand identity. With its use on different parts of your business such as printed equipment, your website, covering, social media and much more, your brand get visibility. A unique logo design is the one that identifies your brand individually from others and lets your viewers know what you do. At design mount, we know that every business has unique requirements. So, we help you get a custom logo design service at the lowest price.

the logo design service category

A logo is an art and symbol which represents your brand and company towards others. You must need to have a unique and creative logo for your branding so that people get attracted by your logo design. Here all the business and company of the world have their own individual logo or sign which represent them separately. To make your company an individual identifying brand you must need to take logo design service from the professional bodies. There is 9 major category of the logo which includes all kinds of logos of the world and we have set out all the details with a view for you so that you can simply get the correct info about them.

Abstract Logo Design

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There is not the exact representation of your brand in abstract logos. To create this type of logo there needs an abstract geometric form for representing your company. You can’t express anything related to your company in the abstract logo. But this type of logos has a high level of thoughts that remind you about your vision with an iconic symbol. There are many brands that use this type of logos like Adidas’s flower, Nike’s swoosh, Pepsi’s divided circle, and many others. Instead of a certain picture, the abstract logo helps to represent your business by a custom picture. It shows some sense without being limited to a single image. Abstract logos have extraordinary thoughts that represent your hidden aim regarding the company. You can see Nike’s swoosh as an example. The swoosh that contains the meaning of freedom and movement.  

Logotype or Wordmark Logo

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Wordmark logos are almost the same as lettermark logos. Basically, wordmark logos consist of the entire name of the company rather than using the abbreviation. This type of logo doesn’t have alphabetical pronunciation as it expresses the entire name of a company. There are famous companies that use this logotype or wordmark logos such as Coca-Cola, Google, Pepsi, FedEx, Facebook, eBay, etc. and many more. When the company has an attractive, easy, creative and exclusive name, the wordmark logo works well. It creates a unique brand identity. when the brand’s name includes some memorable texts. Since the entire concentration lies in your brand’s name, it requires to create a fabulous name of your company. 

Photography logo design

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You deal with photography and you have a business with this but there are a lot of brand and company deals with this. Therefore, you just need to make a logo for your professional photography business or your studio of your won which must contain a beautiful logo that can simply represent your brand and identity towards the people. All the way to make your profession more professional you have to use a professional logo of your photography brand so that people can easily know about your aim and your quality by watching out your professional photography logo design. Mass people always look for the best and most of the time get attracted by some creative thing like your logo. So if you take the professional photography logo design for your company of business of photography this will largely help you to reach out into the people’s mind.

Lettermarks Or Monogram Logo

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Lettermarks or monogram logo consists of letters.  It stands for the organizational name of a company like HBO, CNN, NASA, IBM, etc. These are some examples of lettermark or monogram logos. These company’s names are their initial. Sometimes lettrmark or monogram logos consist of the abbreviation of a company’s name. These brands have their own initial signature name and thus they could able to make their name as a logo. Sometimes company names are more acceptable to the mass people rather than any other thing that stands for the branding of the company. Creating a lettermark or monogram logo is just making a mane of the company that can represent the company very well.

Mascot Logo Design

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The mascot logo consists of a certain character. It includes an illustrated character that represents the companies brand identity. Most of the cases the sports teams use this mascot logo and, in some cases, it combines some texts that show the entire artistic design with a character. If you want something unique to represent your company you will need a mascot logo. Mascot logos are often funny and cartoonish in some cases. Basically, the users of mascot logos are food brands, service provider companies and mainly the sports teams. There are many companies that use this logo and KFC. Red Bull, Pringles, Bic and many other companies and sports teams use this logotype.  

Combination Marks Logo

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The new era has been raised for branding. There are no limitations in creating your logo and you don’t need to confined in only latter marks or symbols. According to your needs, you can create your logo by combining the latter logos and symbols. You have many options to make your logo design. But you can create your logo by combining some of the logotypes and this is why they are called combination mark logo. There you can find your desired icon with your brand’s name. Doritos, Burger King, Dove, Lacoste, and many other brands use this combination mark logo. This logos have the brand’s name with a meaningful icon that symbolizes the entire brands meaning. Designing a combination mark logo is not only creating design with the brand’s name with an icon. It is all about naming your brand and creating a graphical icon with having a proper meaning.

Symbol Logo Design

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The logo symbol is much famous logotype nowadays. this type of logo is based on graphics or icons. The logo symbol is basically consisting of some graphical icons. People like to make their brand’s identity with some meaningful symbol. There are many famous brands that use this type of logos like Apple, Target, Twitter, etc. Creating a logo symbol is a challenging task as it is very much important to make a theme of the icon that tells much about the company. it should be considered while creating the logo that the targeted people can recognize the brand’s logo easily. In front of many logos, your logo must be recognized by mass people easily. It is very important to include a theme that shows the vision of your company and something that you want to express while designing the logo.

Emblem Logo Design

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There are many logotypes but the most ancient logotype is the emblem logo. Since people started using logos by emblem logo but the demand for this logotype has not gone yet till now. An emblem logo consists of a graphical symbol with a sign, badge, seal, or crest, etc. there are many globally famous brands that use this emblem logo. For example, you can look at Harley Davidson, Starbucks, etc. Let’s talk about the iconic logo of Starbucks. It carries a mermaid with having the brand’s name written in it. There are many more brands that use emblem logos. To know the proper structure of an emblem logo, you need to look at a sample as it consists of a seal with having the brand’s name. most of the cases the main user of these logos is sports teams, school, college, university, government organizations, etc.

Letter Forms Logo Design

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Logos that consist of letters but in a graphical shape are called letterforms logos. We are seeing numerous logos and in this recent world, there have been many new things created. In the types of logo letterforms, logos have added another chapter. There are many popular brands that use this type of logo like McDonald’s, Yahoo, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. Every brand wants to create a logo that can be able to make the best impression of their brand or company by the logo. The logo is the first and most important element of branding of a brand. so, it is very important to emphasize on creating the best logo that suits your brand with having some specific meaning in it. As letterforms Logos are representing a brand with some specific letter in a graphical shape, it has the reason for being popular.  

Why you choosing us our logo design service?

Graphics Design Eye is one of the most growing organizations, providing the logo design service at the lowest price of $10 to help you out from all the necessities relating to graphic design and clipping path. If you are looking for a unique logo to represent your company or business that includes the proper meaning of your brand, what exactly you do and what your goal is then we are ready to help you. Our artists will give you the proper atmosphere into the logo that you really wanted at the cheapest price and at the proper time. We love to serve and with these words, we are just looking for providing you the best logo design service at the lowest price. We’re always making a high thought design that you can learn from our logo design service portfolio. You can also visit the client’s feedback and reviews. The feedback provided by our clients gave the inspirations that gave us more strength to be the number one. So, why are you doing lately? Just take a small tour from our portfolio the page and confirm your logo design order.

Logo Design Pricing

A professional and creative logo is the key factor while you are intending to make your brand grand. Qualified and professional branding needs a professional and well creative logo for all kinds of business or company. Therefore, we’re here to give you the best creative and professional logo for your branding at the lowest price. While you are targeting to get a 100% unique and lucrative logo you always have to pay a lot of money but here to us, we are giving you the world’s class professional and eye-catching logo design services at the minimum prices comparing others. We are 100% ego-free and always an attentive listener to our beloved clients therefore, you are always welcome with any kind of your quarry. Just share with us we will be next to you regarding solving your problems. However, there is the lowest logo design pricing for your needs. If you need any kind of extra information regarding any kind of quarry just feel free to ask us for Logo Design Quotes and our 24×7 client’s supporters will immediately contact you to provide with you the required information.


  • Redesign/Refresh Your Existing Logo
  • 2 Concepts
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • -
  • -


  • New Logo Design
  • 2 to 4 Unique Logo Concepts
  • Up to 5 Revisions
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • FREE 1 Business Card Design
  • -


  • New Logo Design
  • 4 to 6 Unique Logo Concepts
  • Up to 10 Revisions
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical versions
  • Corporate Identity Guide Lines Guide
graphic design eye, graphic design services, branding design, brochure design, flyer design, logo design, clipping path

Logo Design Service FAQs

Trends come and go, design tools and the process will develop, what we make out a logo to be may even significantly change with time, but for all eternity the single most important aim of a logo will always remain this – to identify the product, business, person or service you’re designing it for. Graphic Design Eye always keeps it in mind and we work on a logo accordingly at the cheapest price logo design service. Who are the brands’ competitors and how do they appear? What colors and signs are already owned by recognized competition? How can we separate the logo so the business stands out from the crowd? Designers often aim to fill a logo full of meaning from the start, however, this isn’t required – the spotlight should be on identification and this is what we do.

Any meaning or connection will come with time through communication with the logo. A new logo is a blank ship, and from day one it has no meaning to onlookers, yet it was added intentionally. With time sense will be added through continuing marketing, and the connections clients have with the company’s brand. Your logo design is necessary for your brand’s identity. A well-made logo lets your viewers learn what industry you’re in, what goods or services you offer, what makes your business exclusive, and gives an insight into your brand’s qualities. The reason for a great logo design is to give your business a border over your competitors and build trust with your clients. To achieve these both, a logo should be memorable, simple, and unique. There are different types of logos we make by our experts and our expert creates the logo that defines the organizational title and their activity. Below are the types of the logo that we work on.

There are many factors that you have to consider while creating a logo. Your logo is your brand’s identity and so it has to be very unique and meaningful, the desired design is not enough to make a proper meaning of your brand. You need to create the best name that suits your brand. And then you will require a unique logo to represent your company. representing your company is not that enough as a logo. It needs to carry many more things with it.

A unique logo is important to create your brand’s impression of thousands of logos. People have to recognize your logo and it has to be remarkable. The best logo creates its own position into people’s mind and thus propel remember the logo rather than the brand.  the unique graphical icon that lies into a logo needs to be perfect in expressing the meaning of the logo, brand’s identity, aim of your company or creating something that makes your brand different from others by its meaning.

We can see many logos but there are few that can create the best impressions by it look. The most important thing is the uniqueness. Everyone loves to be unique and they like unique things. Creating a unique logo with a proper meaning as we told earlier are the key factors of designing a logo. In this era of branding, it is very much important to select a logo and to make this happen you need to select the best logo design service provider like us.

There are some different logotypes that you may learn from the above article. To ensure the accurate price of your desired service you need to know your exact requirement. Though it is important to know the prices of the services you are going to take, you can contact us or see the price list. Graphic Design Eye is providing the logo design service at the cheapest price in the market. Our experts aim to make you 100% satisfy by providing the best quality service.

We would try our best to work on your logo design until you end up falling in love with it, which is the reason we do unlimited revisions. Chances are you would find a logo design that is just right for your company. Normally it never happens with any of our customers, but in case you really do not like your logo design for some reason, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

There is a big difference between these two services. By purchasing one of our custom logo design service packages our professional in-house designers will create unique one of a kind logos specifically tailored for your brand based on your business profile and design preferences. We’ll design multiple original concepts from scratch, no clip-art or templates are used in the process. Your approved logo will belong to you, and all the rights to it. It will not be sold or used by anyone else.

When you create your logo in the logo maker, you are selecting from a list of already pre-made logo design concepts. You can customize it to your liking and change the company name, but the concept of the logo may have been already used by another user, and it will remain available for a different user in the future.

To get a unique and creative logo for your business or company you must need to hire professionals because only the professionals have the vivid concept of making out the best creative and professional logo for your business or company. The logo has enriched positive effect on branding the company, therefore, you must take it seriously before making your logo you must need to find out the best logo designing company and you must visit out the logo designing portfolio after that you can go for getting a quote for your logo from the desired company. The final task is to give them an order for your perfect and professional logo design.

There we find 9 types of the logo which helps to express your brand name with professionalism and we have displayed them with all the required information into our logo design portfolio so that you can simply have the vivid knowledge about all these nine types of logo easily. After watching out all these 9 categories you can assume that what can you expect in your logo design service. There we see all the separate categories represent the logo differently and all of them have some different ways of expressing themselves for a variety of purposes. At first, you need to check out the types first and decide the category that one will be most perfect for you to spread your brand globally.

The logo is an important thing for your company therefore, you must need to be careful regarding professional logo design service. Before ordering a logo design from any professional bodies you must need to know about what you must need to provide to get the best professional logo for your business. Here we are mentioning the required information that will be needed while ordering for your logo design service. You must mention the name of your company which is the basic because based on the name the logo will be made, you can provide any preferred color code if you have any, you can provide any images as an example or any kind of pattern you prefer for your logo. Also, describe your company and its aim clearly before ordering for your logo design service.

We see logo design is the most important part of graphic design service and you also know the importance of a creative and professional logo. The logo is the first impression of all kinds of business or company on the other hand if people start to remember about your company or business, they will first remind your logo. Therefore, your logo must be 100% professional and creative so to make a professional and creative eye-catching expert need times. Generally, we have a bunch of experts and that is why we can make your logo within 2 working days with 100% professionalism. Just order us with all your required information we will make an eye-catching logo within 24 hours!

Perfection tells everything about a professional graphic design company because perfection doesn’t need any revision but we see there is a difference between the people’s perception and choice. There is no limitation about perfection regarding graphic design service because one design or art that is liked by one might not be liked by others. Therefore, for the 100% satisfaction of our valuable clients, we provide several revisions until they get 100% satisfaction with our final designs. We see the amount of taking revision about our design is not so high and find only 10% of our clients take revision based on which we can say that you will love our design as it will blow your mind

Most often we see all the designing companies take some hidden charges and various kinds of extra charges for making your desired designs. It’s a policy of them which help them to add some extra money to their invoice. In terms of us, we can assure you that we don’t charge any extra payment or any hidden charges after finalizing the designing payment with you because we know the value of your money. We simply finalize the payment by dealing with all the details about your projects and it means everything so shares your details requirement so that we can simply figure out the lowest price for your project. After finalizing the price if you need any kind of extra materials or something else only then you may be charged a little. Before that, we will surely notify you clearly.

Well, this is a very important question because you may not like our design if we fail to satisfy you with our experts. We can assure you about our quality but we may fail also because people’s perceptions vary from person to person and we highly respect all the people’s perceptions. If you think that you are not satisfied with our design, we will highly request you to let us know about this. If you don’t like our final design, we won’t charge you any money. You will fully get back your money if you don’t like the final design of us. We will also request you to give us advice if you have any like why you didn’t like the design or is there any kinds of other problems regarding our service. We want our client’s 100% satisfaction and therefore, we will highly request you to give us your valuable advice.

Nondisclosure agreement in shot NDA is an important agreement because this helps to keep the design and artwork preserve only for your purpose. There we find all the professional companies deal with this NDA because this is important to keep the uniqueness of your project. We the Graphic Design Eye strongly maintain this policy for our clients because we know the importance of your project. We therefore always prefer the NDA with our clients and always preserve the uniqueness of our valuable clients. Our client management team always clears this issue with our valuable clients after finalizing the project with you. Once the deal is final, we will make sure about this valuable NDA part that we are preserving the valuable contract for you.

First of all, we will make your logo and you will select one out of the samples. If you need any kind of modification you will tell us and we will provide you the proper revision for your 100% satisfaction. Finally, if you once finalize the logo that will be perfect for you, we will provide you the logo with all the raw files. After that, you get all your copyright for your logo through a system-generated copyright transferable document from which you can simply download the copyright transferable document. The form then you will be the only one owner of your logo and signs. So, the steps are fist you need to finalize the logo that is designed for you after that we will give you the main files with all the additional files. After that through the system generated copyrightable document you will be able to get your authority on your logo.

We actually design for you and you are the most valuable person to us as you are our valuable clients. You have the desire to make your changes in your logo and in this case, you can simply take our help or you can also make it yourself if you are interested to do so. In that case, we will suggest you take the professional’s help. So, after finalizing the logo design form us you will get all the main files and you will be the owner of that and we also give you the all rights and reservation power to you regarding your logo. Therefore, you can take any kind of steps to change or modify or also can use any kind of your designing kinds of stuff with your logo that looks perfect for you. In one simple word, we are giving you the copyright about your logo after taking us your logo finally and you can simply use your own design in your logo and you will be glad to know that there are such no kinds of restrictions regarding using your own design in your logo.

After taking our premium packages we simply provide all the details required files that will be needed by you in the future. We give all the JPG, PNG files of the logo and most importantly we provide the AI files of your logo. If you want the PSD file of your logo you may ask for the file form us and we will be glad to share you the file also. Here you will also get the automatic system generated copyright transferable file which will help you to get all the rights and authority regarding your logo. You can simply reserve all the rights of your intellectual logo property. As we also mentioned that you can also ask for any kind of your required files that will be needed for you. We are here to be your helping hand for all kinds of your graphical problem solution.