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jersey design service

Jersey Design Service

Without a diversified sports jersey design service, you easily go missing. The jersey design needs to be versatile. Otherwise, the style will lose its appeal in a short time. And you need to get another jersey for your club or team. The same goes for the sports kits. They may also lose beauty if the design is not adaptable.

On the contrary, getting a sports kit design will leverage your dominance. Being customized designs, you can keep them looking great as you want. You know, fashion always changes. But there are certain elements in fashion that remain in place forever. Adding the features on your jersey design will help it withstand time.

While asking for a jersey design service, you can be selective. Our expert designers will help you find the best matching design for your jersey. Or if you are dealing with a sports kit, you can get a special design for that kit in a short span of time.

Besides, trying our service will ensure you get the optimum value of your investment. We are able to make designs that will keep the kit afloat even after ages. Also, we offer a number of flexible payment options, quick turnaround of projects to our clients once they place orders. Try us today.

Sports Jersey Brings Your Imagination To Reality

We furnish the needs of our clients through customized sports jersey and t-shirt design service. Our highly skilled jersey designers are able to turn your imagination into reality through creative and catchy designs. The designs are impressive and able to get attention easily from everyone and everywhere. Check some of the samples here.

Sports jersey design packages for our clients

Check the packages here for your jersey design. The prices are reasonable and competitive, as well. However, our clients can avail a flat discount in case of bulk orders.


    $ 499

  • 4 custom design concepts
  • 2 Dedicated Designers
  • Front and back design
  • 2 Revisions (Additional Revision Per Change $70)
  • Final Files (AI, PSD, EPS, JPEG,PNG, PDF)
  • Delivery time 2 day
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • 100% Satisfation Guaranteed
  • Contract

    $ 999

  • 8 custom design concepts
  • 3 Dedicated Designers
  • Front and back design
  • 3 Revisions (Additional Revision Per Change $70)
  • Final Files (AI, PSD, EPS, JPEG,PNG, PDF)
  • Delivery time 4 day
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • 100% Satisfation Guaranteed
  • Contract

    $ 1499

  • 10 custom design concepts
  • 4 Dedicated Designers
  • Front and back design
  • 5 Revisions (Additional Revision Per Change $100)
  • Final Files (AI, PSD, EPS, JPEG,PNG, PDF)
  • Delivery time 5 day
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • 100% Satisfation Guaranteed
  • Contract

    $ 1999

  • 12 custom design concepts
  • 5 Dedicated Designers
  • Front and back design
  • 8 Revisions (Additional Revision Per Change $100)
  • Final Files (AI, PSD, EPS, JPEG,PNG, PDF)
  • Delivery time 7 day
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • 100% Satisfation Guaranteed
  • Contract

Jersey Design FAQs

We know how important it is for a jersey to look good. A dull jersey design is not able to make your team recognized in sports or other events. You may want to know many more. So, we have set the questions and answers which are frequently sought. Check them here. However, if you want to know more, let us know. We welcome your endeavor to learn more and will get back with the right answers.

It means the design will be an adaptable one. With time, the design will not fade or vanish. In other words, the design must be sustainable for a long time. So, even after five years, the jersey will have the same appeal as it had in the beginning.

Without high skills and design sense, this is nearly impossible to make a versatile design.

For sports jersey design, we do not have the free trial option. However, if you place an order, we will make several designs under a single theme. You can pick the best one that suits you. Accordingly, we will go for the design production.

Well. We provide several designs in the beginning for our clients. Later, we sent those for them to approve the best one. Hence, you do not have the option to dislike the design. And based on this ground, we have omitted the return policy.

However, if you do not like any design, you can instruct us for customization. Our highly skilled designers will do that for you against a minimal service charge.

Placing an order to us is pretty simple. We have set a couple of ways to place the order. First one is about placing the order through the order page. The page is on our website. You will get a form there. Please fill out the form and provide the necessary information. We will have the idea about your project. And we will respond accordingly.

Alternatively, you can send the order through an email. You have to write an email to us following the email address on the website. And our customer support team will get you back as fast as possible. Then, we will have some virtual meetings to discuss details about the jersey design. In this phase, we also will finalize the payment and other issues.

Unfortunately, we do not have any such cancellation policy. You are placing an order that indicates you are in need of a unique and creative design. So, if we start the production, you cannot cancel it.

However, if you want to cancel the order, you need to inform us before we move for the design production phase.

Negative. You cannot ask for upgradation or customization once the design is finalized. Instead, you can provide your feedback over the design when we will ask you. During the phase of designing, we ask our clients to share their remarks. So, you can do that at that time.

But we will not entertain your requests once the design is complete. Because generating a design is truly a hefty task. It involves the participation of several designers, hours of research and idea sharing and more. Thus, we are unable to customize the design after it is complete.

Well. It depends on the type of design. If the design is simple, we can do it in a day or two. But if the design is complicated with several layers, it may go over a week. However, we inform our clients of the estimated time frame prior to starting the revision.

Certainly. You can ask for a custom offer. However, in that case, the price would be more than you paid earlier. We are always ready to customize the jersey designs. And the clients have to inform us during the feedback phase.

We assure the top-quality jersey design to our clients. The most important fact is that we never compromise with quality issues. Also, we use premium software to bring out the best. And another impressive factor is that all our jersey designers are highly skilled. So, they know how to make a design look fabulous.

No. All our designs are virtual. So, you can use the designs for all your needs including printing on the jersey fabrics.

Of course, you can. But in the end, you need to select only a single design. Because it is not possible to accommodate a couple of designs on a jersey.