Brochure Design Service

The brochure is a reflection of your product’s promotion or business goal for your company. It helps to get the best first-hand information about your products or services. brochure with a professional look is so perfect to let newcomers get a quick overview of your company and a lot more.

Mainly a brochure is a piece of folded paper document that holds all the information of a business. so, you can say it promotes material works to promote the services and products of a company. The brochure helps to let people know about a business, as it can be distributed, it carries brand messages to the door of people and inspires them to meet the physical shop.

So, brochures are so effective. Whether you have a new business or have an existing one, you need brochures to make it familiar to the common people. without marketing, both online and offline business is nothing but an identity that even people don't know.

Every online and offline retailer has a visionary goal to reach more people and turn them into potential customers. And the way they could make it true is marketing. Marketing refers to so many ways that need proper realization and understanding. Moreover, you have to practice it more and more to get its full potentiality.

A brochure is important marketing material, you should pay high attention to have one for your brand. here is describing all the possible brochure design categories to find a better style for you. So, let’s keep going.

Popular types of brochure design services

So, you are here because you need a professional brochure design for your business brand. whatever is your business type, you must need this marketing material above on your desk so that you can give it to all your customers.

Brochures vary in their look, design, and format. Here is the brochure design category listed below. You may have a look at them to recognize which one is perfect for your business.

Gate fold brochure

brochure design service

Gatefold brochure is rich with colors and graphics. It is one of the most used brochure categories used in all types of marketing and business purposes.

The standard gatefold brochure size is 8.5”x11” which is so perfect to use for restaurant menu presentation, product presentation, rich graphical contents, architectural layouts, and a lot more.

Gatefold brochure got two different looks. They are,

Open gatefold which has one larger panel that remains covered by two shorter panels. Shorter panels act as the door of the brochure should open as a double door opening although

The closed gate fold brochure is the reverse function of an open gate fold brochure. But in a first look, it may seem a half fold brochure to you. This type of brochure is a good choice for a larger presentation

Gatefold brochures are made with premium quality paper. its intrinsic folding feature makes it distinct and special from the other brochure design category. Also, it is so convenient that one can carry it everywhere and classy people feel comfortable handing it because of its premium look.

Bi fold brochure

brochure design service

You can see the bi-fold brochures everywhere as they are the most common type of brochures. As the name of it comes with four initial panels that look like a page folding in the middle. Bi-fold is the most popular brochure-type as well. because it gives the opportunity to organize all the industry-related information within a short space.

Bifold brochures look great when they are managed perfectly with colors & images. You can add a wide graphic view to its cover. So, the standard size for bifold brochure is 8.5”x11”.

Tri fold brochure

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The trifold brochure is also known as letter fold which provides a large space to show all the required information into this. it includes one slightly shorter panel that ends up inside the fold.

Trifold brochures come with fewer image data and more typography. You can go for its standard size 8.5”x11” and also some other popular sizes are 11”x17”, 11x25.5”.

The main difference between the tri-fold brochure and the bifold brochure is in their dividing section. We see in the tri-fold brochure is in its three partitions and it contains huge information. The trifold brochure is suitable to hold any type of business and marketing information.

In this case, we will suggest you go for the tri-fold brochure design which will help you largely to grab the core attention of your customers and clients.

Z fold brochure

brochure design service

A Z fold brochure gets such a name because it folds like the letter Z. Z fold brochure basically contains 6 panels and you can use a lot of information into these six panels. They are normally made up in the size of 8.5’’x11’’ and 8.5’’x14’’ and most often in 11’’x17’’. We also find them in 11’’x25.5’’ as required.

If you want any custom brochure design for your organization, you can make z brochure design as a choice. Z fold brochure has another name like a fan fold brochure which largely helps to make the marketing of the product for your business.

You have a lot of products or information to share with your customers and therefore, you can take this Z fold brochure for your marketing strategy as an important way of making your branding flourish.

Jewelry brochure

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It is true that all types of business need brochures for various purposes. the jewelry product business is one of them. jewelry retailers have to catch potential customers’ attention by showing their professionality and best products.

When a new customer will buy something from a jewelry store, the retailer must have requested to come again to the shop in the future. But unfortunately, customers sometimes forget the name and location of the shop where they made a purchase previously. To prevent this, the brochure is so enough to mind customers all the details they need about the store.

When you give a brochure to your customer’s hand, that means it will go to their house along with them. We are so expert in capturing our customer’s needs and providing designs that will highly fit them.

Fashion brochure

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Fashion design, fashion product business is a popular sector where marketing is so essential. Even big fashion industries also need brochures to make the introduction of huge products and also themselves.

Capturing the demand for fashion business brochure design, we made it a particular category to help clients realize we have expertise in this sector.

Fashion brochure designs must have a classy and royal look. It should come with the latest design collection of the brand. We see while a new fashion brand comes, it must need to take the help of marketing. Because without proper marketing one can get the proper feedback.

Therefore, we ensure the best trendy design for the fashion brand who comes here to make brochures for themselves.

Furniture brochure

brochure design service

You have a furniture business and you want to make a brochure for your furniture products so that you can make your products advertisement. Before making your product advertisement, you must have to take some steps to make your marketing professional.

For professional advertisement and marketing, you just need to take the furniture brochure design service and this will largely help you to build the branding marketing of your furniture business. The furniture brochure will help you to display your furniture products very professionally and gorgeously.

Here you can get a chance of making out the creative way of your furniture marketing along with various types of creative and eye-catching designing shapes.

Unique fold brochure

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Besides these, our designers are so innovative to find new brochure ideas to keep in touch with classical clients who tend to show business initials differently.

If you have any distinct wish to design brochures, then let us know. After getting the idea, our designers will show you exactly what you want. Many companies use such unique folding design ideas for their brochures.

For example, French fold brochure, double gatefold brochure, and so on. When as usual brochure design type doesn’t meet your requirement or you want to give a different look to your marketing materials. Then, you may look for one unique fold brochure design for your business.

Promotional brochure

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You have a business of products or you serve various kinds of service. In that case, you just need to be familiar enough to get a high sell on your products or services.

More sales, more profit, and a big potential customer fan base is the ultimate goal of all product and service providers. In order to achieve their goal, they have to put a lot of effort into it. marketing is a random sector in this regard that is also the most important one as well.

You have a product retailing store, no matter if it is online or offline, you must promote it effectively. Besides, in such promotional events like a discount, offer, buy one get one, etc. you should need to let people know about the event. Otherwise, you will fail to gain the full potentiality of the event.

Then promotional brochure design will help you to manage event concepts and share that as much as you want.

Photography brochure

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You are a professional photographer who wants to open a photography service agency. then you need professional brochures to give the first impression of your agency when a client wants to know about you.

Whether you are a starter or an older one with a photography agency, you need to share information about your business so that people can remind you whenever they need a photographer at any event.

For photography brochure design, we used to attach some of your best clicks and the features that you want to let people know about you. We will provide all support to make your photography business shinier with lots of clients.

Personal finance brochure

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We know the importance of finance in our day-to-day life as we see finance everywhere. You may also deal with financial activities so that you need to make out some structural visibility of your personal or corporeal finance towards the mass people.

In that case, you should use some designing kinds of stuff to represent all the financial information. There are millions of companies who use this professional finance brochure because they all know the importance of their financial information.

This crucial info of their company helps them to spread their business towards the global market. After watching out this financial brochure with different types of structures, people will surely take decisions about various kinds of investments. On the other hand, it will also help the owner to show his business condition overall.

Non-commercial brochure

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A non-commercial firm deals with different types of non-commercial issues. If you have a law firm, you have to spread your firm’s marketing throughout the mass of people so that you can grab your customer’s attention. Now the fact is how can you make your non-commercial firms marketing?

Whether your one is a non-commercial service and you don’t intend to make a profit but you may have the wish to reach a lot of people with your industry.

Having a brochure design for your non-commercial business is the most effective way to make out your firm’s marketing by the way! it can help you easily represent your pros and cons and after reading this handy brochure people can easily get the ideas about your services.

Why do choosing these services?

It needs not to tell that you’re aiming to increase your selling level by marketing any means. We understand your needs. Your brochure will help you to present your business or services to the mass people. All above, considering all of your needs we’re here to give you one of the impressive brochure design services at a very flat rate.

For your information, we have a bunch of experts & creative brochure design artists to serve you with the best unique designs. Believe it or not, our main focus is to serve you with the best design at the cheapest rate to minimize your cost by up to 30%. We don’t have to aim for profit, we aim to make bonding with our beloved clients to grow our both businesses anyway.

However, if you have any exceptional brochure designing requirements you can click the button below about getting a quote. Our customer support center will give you all the information about your quarry or requirements. We are here to save your money by giving you world-class design at a cheaper rate globally. Please feel free to contact us.

Brochure Design Price List

The brochure is the most important and powerful marketing stuff which helps to grab the core attention of the mass customers.

Most importantly a well professional and creative brochure represents your company towards the mass people therefore, you must be conscious while you are taking the professional brochure design services.

If you fail to take the professional and creative brochure this will be of no use to your marketing.

There are millions of websites and companies that are dealing with professional brochure design services and we see to charge a lot for brochure design services.

However, we don’t want you to go to the other company as they will charge you a lot and it may seem bluff to you but you can verify the price list of other companies, they are charging a lot.

So, our brochure design service starts at $50. Within this budget, you will get a high-quality professional brochure design for your business.

If you're looking for the best professional brochure design service at the cheapest pricing.

We hope you won’t be disappointed by taking our professional brochure design service at the lowest cost.

If you think that you feel comfortable hiring us at an hourly rate you're welcome.

But we see hourly costs a lot than the regular pricing figure, therefore, we request you to take our well-packaged pricing for your business brochure design.

Single A4/Letter (1 Facing Side) + 2 Revision

FROM $50

Bifold Brochure (EXPECTED 3 CONCEPT) + 3 Revision

FROM $150

Tri-Fold Brochure Design (EXPECTED 3 CONCEPT) + 3 Revision

FROM $200

Gate Fold Brochure (EXPECTED 3 CONCEPT) + 3 Revision

FROM $200

Z fold Brochure Design (EXPECTED 3 CONCEPT) + 3 Revision

FROM $200

All kinds of (CONTRACTUAL)


General Question & Answer

There are so many questions that come when talking about brochure design services. We have tried to arrange a few of them to give a proper realization about this issue. Here is some frequently asked question that has been added to quench your thirst. Hope you will find all the needed inquiry about banner design service here.

What is a brochure design?

A brochure design is the service to design brochure professionally. This is one of the prominent ways of marketing products and services for intended clients. Usually a brochure contains necessary information or image, or the both. So, when someone reads the brochure, they come to know about the product and services.

What is a gate fold brochure?

It is one of the popular brochure design. There are two side panels and they open like a gate. Hence, the name has been derived as the “gate fold banner.” It takes 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 17” or 11” x 25.5” sheet of paper for construction.

The key benefit is that you can use a large image inside the brochure. And there is ample space to provide necessary product or service information.

What is a tri fold brochure?

As the name suggest, there are three or triple folding in this brochure. You will have three folding and all of them will contain information. In the present age, the demand of such brochures are skyrocketing. They are smaller in size and shape but comes with a moderate space. So, you can provide all your necessary information or images.

What is a bi fold brochure?

A bi-fold brochure is a type of brochure that comes with a single sheet. The single sheet if folded that makes the brochure into two parts. Such brochures are used in most common cases. However, with the support of a skilled bi-fold brochure designer, you can win the business.

What are custom brochure design services?

Custom brochure design services are the process to customize the brochure. Usually, you have the chance to think out of the box. But most of the times, you cannot apply the ideas. And when it is marketing products, you suffer the most. With the custom brochure design services, you can have the best choice. It allows you to design and print brochures according to your directives.

What is a Z-fold brochure?

The Z fold brochure is also known as zigzag brochure for its special design. The brochure units do not fold into each other. Rather, they are a bit similar like the tri-fold brochures. However, there are lots of options to market your products in a tight space.

What are the benefits of a brochure design service?

A brochure is a handy stuff that helps to carry your information & product details for the consumers. You must know that people will judge your company first seeing your designing quality as all the designing stuff are able to dominate the subconscious mind of the people. Therefore, you will get various kinds of benefits via your brochure design.

What is the Importance of an brochure design?

The brochure contains your products or information on various kinds of designs. All the eye-catching designs help to draw the attention of the customers. Therefore, you can say that a well-designed brochure creates a positive attraction towards your business or services.

How can I get this service?

You can simply order us to follow the processes on our website for your creative brochure design. Give you all the required information about the brochure you like to make. Our professional experts will make you the best eye-catching brochure design.

How much time does it take to design a brochure?

Designing a brochure is a time taking fact if you are looking for the best & unique brochure design for your service. Therefore, we prefer to give us only two days to complete the designing task with full professionalism.