What is a typography t-shirt design?

Typography t-shirt design is a part of t-shirt design that refers to the graphic design section. To make your t-shirt designed you need to take the help of an expert t-shirt designer who will help you to get the perfect and eye-catching design so that you can grab the attention of the targeted customers for your t-shirts.

Well, before going to know more we want to make the definition of the t-shirt and its types of design so that you can get all the core info in one place.

What is a t-shirt?

A t-shirt is a type of shirt which is worn by people of all ages and it will have no button like shirts. It is not a formal dress and people love to wear this to have their comfort.

T-shirts are made of soft fabrics which help to feel the air. On the other hand, in winter it will help you to keep warm in your body.

What is the t-shirt design?

what is a typography t-shirt design

As we know about the t-shirts, it is time to know about the t-shirt design so that you can find out the difference between them. When we are talking about the t-shirt it means we are talking about raw t-shirts.

Well, raw t-shirts are the t-shirts in which you will have only the solid type of color in the fabric. There will be no types of design in it.

On the other side, t-shirt design is the process by which you will make out some lucrative and trendy designs by a professional t-shirt designing company related to content creation. This will help you to get some designs as you are looking for.

Those designs will grab the attention of the mass towards your t-shirt and those designs will also make the domination in the people’s minds to buy that t-shirt.

So, to say, t-shirt design is the process by which you will grab the attention of your t-shirt buying customers by providing them with colorful and beautifully designed t-shirts.

What are the types of t-shirt designs?

what is a typography t-shirt design

There comes the need for knowing the types of t-shirt design. As the topic is about the typography t-shirt, we thought to make you a visit with all the possible info from where the typography comes in the t-shirt design.

Here you will get your answer. We are going to list out the types of t-shirt design which will make you clear about the types of t-shirt design along with the typographic one.

        Typography design

        Portrait design

        Photography design

        Graphical design

        Pocket print design

        Branded design

        Abstract design

        Occasional design

Above are the types of t-shirt designs and you need to know about them properly. If you want to learn more about the typography t-shirt just read out below and you will have your info.

Typography t-shirt design

As we see above the types of t-shirts, so we can say that typography is a type of t-shirt design. To make your t-shirt attractive you can take one of the types of t-shirt depending on your need.

Well, the typography t-shirt refers to the design of a t-shirt in which you will be able to apply various types of fonts to your t-shirt. Your font can be designed with any style.

As the design depends on the font and the style of the font only, it is called the typography t-shirt design.

Almost 80% of people who love to wear t-shirts with simplicity would love to wear a typography t-shirt. Their first choice will be this one.

What are the types of typography t-shirt design?

what is a typography t-shirt design

There is some subcategory in the typography t-shirt design also and you can take one of them according to your preference. Here we are going to make their classification according to the use of the fonts and styles.

        Slogan based

        Random font based

        Quote based

        Advice based

        Swag based

You may look for the best type of typography t-shirt and this info will help you to learn deeply about it. Just select your preference as you want.

Pros of typography t-shirt based on the design

If you think you want to have a typography t-shirt, you need to know about the pros of this t-shirt which will help you to go further with this. Hence, here goes the pros of the typography t-shirt.

        Very easy to create and you don’t need to have any designing skills

        You can show your desired fonts and slogan of your business or personal advice in it

        Most of the time, you need not take the help of any professional designer

        You can easily make your t-shirt print-ready as you are working on the text-only

After reading the pros you can take your decision of making your typography t-shirt as it is the easiest way to make your t-shirt design done.

Cons of typography t-shirt design

Let’s talk about the cons of the typography t-shirt design below

        You should be careful about the font so that it doesn’t become so ugly after making the printing

        This type of t-shirt doesn’t hold any copyright issues

        You should be careful while you are using the font. As you can use the fonts which are copyrighted by others

        You need to take the help of an expert if you want to have the text variation with proper design and beautification

So, you have come across all the possible info and you are now able to make the best decision you are looking for.

Printing methods for typography t-shirts

what is a typography t-shirt design

There are various types of printing methods for typography t-shirts and you can take one of them according to your requirements.

Here below we want to list out the type of t-shirt printing methods so that it becomes easy for you to grab all the ideas for making out the perfect t-shirt printing as you need.

        Screen printing

        Direct to garments

        Dye sublimation

        Heat press printing

        Vinyl cutting

Well, above are the types of printing methods for your typography t-shirts and you take one of them according to the choice.

Cost-saving printing method for typography t-shirt

If you think you want to make your typography t-shirt with the possible cost so that you can figure out a good profit from it you can go for the Screen-printing method for your typography t-shirt.

This will reduce your cost on a very large scale. As it only needs some low costing printing materials along with the paint.

So, you can go to making your typography t-shirt design at the lowest possible price by taking the help of a professional screen-printing process.

How to start a typography t-shirt business?

To make your typography t-shirt business you need to have some ideas which you already have from this article. Now, we will explain the process of your typography t-shirt business with some core info so that you can become ready to make your business by it.

You can take the help of any graphic designing company that will provide you with all the typography designs at the lowest possible price

You need to buy the raw t-shirts which have solid color at the wholesale price.


Finally, you need to make the setup for making your t-shirt print-ready following the screen print process.

Approximate capital for typography t-shirt business

You need not invest a lot of money in this business and we find the good possibility of returning a good amount of money from this investment.

To make your business you have to invest around $2000 to $5000 to make your professional typography t-shirt business.

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