What is a long sleeve t-shirt?

T-shirts are the most common wearing material in the world. Both men and women would love to wear it respectively. There are various types of t-shirts and you have to learn about them so that you can find out the best one.

If you become able to find out their types then it will be easy to take the best one which will suit you the best.

Well, you are here to know what a long sleeve t-shirt is. So, here is your quarry about it. A long sleeve t-shirt is a type of t-shirt which covers your shoulder to the wrist.

This type of t-shirt is used largely both by the man and women. If you want to wear it to protect yourself from both the winter and for style then you must choose the heavy types of cloth. Because this will protect you from the winter and you will have your style also.

For the summer season, you can choose the thin cloth long sleeve t-shirt which will give you comfort and will manage your style too.

Types of sleeves t-shirts

what is a long sleeve t-shirt

There are different kinds of sleeve t-shirts designs and they are designed to make your style variety. You have to know about them so that you can get the best one which will represent your personality the most.

We know that we are so aware of our wearing and always want to have the best one which will be the best suit for us.

Here go various types of sleeve t-shirts and find your best one from the list.

      Short sleeve

      Long sleeve

      Cap sleeve

      Raglan sleeve

      three quarter sleeves


Above are the types of sleeve t-shirts to give you more info. We are going to make their individual discussion so that you can get the best ideas about them.

Short-sleeve t-shirt

This is one of the most used types of sleeve t-shirts. Both men and women love to wear this type of t-shirt. It will cover the halt of your body's upper arms. Here we also find two types of categories based on man and woman and they are.



The loose-fitting short sleeves are basically used by the man on the other hand the tight fittings are used by the women. Most of the time women also want to wear loose-fitting according to their choice.

Long-sleeve t-shirt

Long sleeve t-shirt will cover your whole arms and it is equally liked by both the man and woman. This type of t-shirt is nightery too tight nor too loose. It includes perfectly fitting both genders. The long sleeve which is made for men will have a cuff in the wrist on it and also the sleeves will be loose-fitted. On the other hand, are designed for women who will be tight-fitting and will not have cuffs on the wrist.

Cap sleeve t-shirt

This type of sleeve t-shirts is designed only for the women and they will cover the shoulder of them perfectly. It can also be said as a women's t-shirt. Especially those who are looking for shaping their body like slimy must need to take this type of t-shirts. You can use them when you are going on an outing or for a picnic.

Raglan sleeve t-shirt

This type of t-shirt is popular for sports. It actually holds the name from baseball. The sportsperson wears this type of t-shirt. Both men and women can wear this type of t-shirts. The shoulder and the body color always differ from one another. It gives you much comfort when you are wearing this t-shirt and go to play your favorite game.

Three quarter sleeves

It is also the most popular one in the types of t-shirts and both men and women love it very much. This type of t-shirt will not cover your whole arms. It will basically end its portion below the elbow.

You will find them both in loose and tight fittings. This will be the best one when the weather is not so cold on the other hand not so warmly.

Sleeveless t-shirt

This type of t-shirt doesn’t have any sleeves which means it will not cover your shoulder and arms. It is a well popular and trendy t-shirts for both people like males and women.

Women especially love to wear this type of t-shirts in summer. Men’s sleeveless t-shirts are the best friend of men when they want to show their fitness. This also helps them to make their workout at the gym comfortable.

So, above are the types of t-shirts and you can take one of them according to your needs and choice? Depending on Just pick your favorite one and show your beauty and smartness.

How to design a t-shirt?

what is a long sleeve t-shirt

If you think you want to make your designing t-shirt for your brand or business you need to hire the best creative graphic design company that will help you to get the best professional-looking t-shirt designs.

Well, we will help you by providing you the info about how you will be able to get your designed t-shirt if you want to make it yourself.

Steps of t-shirt designing

To make out your t-shirt design you can take help from a professional t-shirt designing company but if you want to make it yourself you need to follow the below steps. The below steps will help you to make out the professional design you want.


You need to install graphic design software which will help you to make all the designs. Therefore, you need to install Adobe illustrator first. This is one of the most sophisticated software to make out any type of graphic design or t-shirt design.


Now you need to learn about the tools of this giant software so that you can make out the perfect use of this software and its tools. The important tools for t-shirt design are given here.

        Selection tool

        Direct selection tool

        Pen tool

        Polygonal tool

        Shape builder tool

        Pathfinder tool

        Eyedropper tool

You need to learn about those tools first if you want to design a professional t-shirt by yourself.


In this step, you need to fix your goal of the t-shirt design. There are various types of t-shirt designs but you need to fix one of them first so that you can go for further thinking. You can select from the below types of designs

        Typographic t-shirt

        Abstract t-shirt

        Photographic t-shirt

        Graphical t-shirt

Therefore, you need to fix your aim about what type of t-shirt you want to design for you.


After making the selection of a type of t-shirt design you need to gather the resource and also need to brainstorm your creativity which will help you to make the best combination for your design as you are looking for.

You should gather the designing inspiration too which will help you to create the best-looking design you need.


Finally, you need to utilize your thinking power and the methods of the software to bring up the best-looking design as you are looking for your brand t-shirt design. This is the final portion and you need to use all of your previous info and methods so that you can go further.

If you want to make out your t-shirt by yourself you need to follow the above steps properly so that you can get the best output you want to see.

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