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Infographic is the word that consist of two words of information and the graphic refers to a visual representation of information by including graphs, pie-charts, histograms, line-charts, diagrams, maps to make complex data easily understandable for the audience.

For better knowledge, an infographic is used to-

·         Simplify a big concept to a short data-rich visualization.

·         A tool for educators and trainers to break down complex information to digest at first glance.

·         An informative and innovative way to spread social and global awareness.

·         To make easy access to big data analytics.

·         Mapping relationships.

·         Showing trends and

So, infographics is a short but good way to explain a difficult topic or project.

Who needs infographic design?

infographic design

Are you a digital marketer or business consultant? Do you need to boost your marketing engagement or do you want to strengthen your argument in client proposals? Then infographics will help you a lot to guide your target audience to make them think like you.

Besides, educators and trainers, need it more because they have to explain difficult concepts or complex topics. Infographic makes things easier and more understandable that one can quickly engage in any of the hard topics.

Also, non-profit organizations use infographics to raise awareness of any social issues or to promote events for their causes.

Governments use infographics to create public awareness in disaster situations or to share statistics and census of the population.

Types of infographic design for your business

Infographics can be of various forms. Initially, they are categorized based on-


        Types of objects used

        Flow of information

There are various types of infographics design formats are available and there is no obstacle to choose one of them to go with your work but be a mind that you need to choose the right one to fulfill your desire. Designing a specific type of infographics can influence your audience passively and it would drive them to think on your way.

·         According to your needs, we have categorized the infographics into some most-used types.

·         Read all those categories carefully and make sure which one will suit your purpose.

Statistical infographic

infographic design

Statistical infographics are used to present survey results with graphs and charts, gather data from multiple sources to make an argument with relevant data, or present research and facts visually. You can share statistics or any other surveillance through this type of infographic. This type of infographic will help you to

        Feature various data visualizations designed to simplify a complex topic

        Make complicated information easier to quickly understand

        Allows you to vary the data visualizations with charts, icons, and graphs.

Comparison infographic 

infographic design

This type of infographic is very useful for comparing multiple objects, concepts, or topics. Mainly, it is a visual representation of-

        Comparison of two or more companies, events, or time periods that are opposed to each other

        Comparison of two or more objects to get a better understanding of these

        It helps the teacher students to make compare any similar topics to get better knowledge about something

        This allows readers to quickly understand the important points and make a comparison in one second

Anatomical Infographic

infographic design

To describe different parts of an object or to explain how something works, an anatomical infographic is the best option to go with. It is used for various purposes such as as-

        to define human anatomy in the medical issue

        To give some facts about how something works on

        Describe the effects or benefits of any data

Geographical infographic

infographic design

Think you have a presentation on which you need to work with location-based data also you need to use maps of a different region, then you must choose this type of infographic. This type of infographic will allow you to-

        Depend heavily on maps to visualize data

        Work with demographic data

        Simply point out locations on a map

        Compare data by region or demographic

List-based infographic

infographic design

A list infographic is what contains a brief list of a subject. List infographic is useful in-

        Educational purposes

        To give tips on what to do or not

        Product information in business

Visual resume infographic

infographic design

The present job market is so complicated that it is too hard to apart one from others. In the race of creativity, you should set yourself as different from others. When you are going to apply for a job, the first thing you need is a resume. Your resume should be different and unique to impress your employer. There is a proverb that goes that, the first impression is the last. That’s why infographic resumes gained a lot of favor in the present time. An Infographic resume is a great visual document to-

        Bring to an interview

        Perfect to publish on your portfolio site

        Can include in an email option

Timeline infographic

infographic design

This type of infographic shows how a subject has developed or changed over time. In the modern world, people like to work with various types of data. People also like to know the history of something with dates and times. For this reason, the timeline infographic becomes a familiar option to work with different types of timeline history.

Timeline infographic should be used to-

        Explain the history of a topic

        How atopic changes overtime

        Visualizing the history of something

        To highlight important dates

        To give an overview of a previous event

        To demonstrate product development

Hierarchical infographic

infographic design

A hierarchical infographic is used to summarized information as to its predefined level. Generally, it features a pyramid to show different levels of information according to its importance.

If you want to classify your information by different levels such as by greatest to least, by priority, worth, or difficulty you better go with this type of infographic.

Many organizations use a hierarchical infographic to visualize the chain of command or to show how something is broken down into parts.

Process infographic

infographic design

Process infographics are the visual process of completing a task or show the steps of a process. There are some processes that might be really difficult to express with a timeline infographic, while the process of the infographic is the best option to summarize or give an overview of the steps in the process.

Sometimes process infographics use flowcharts or diagrams to clarify each step. Generally, it follows the flow of top-to-bottom or left-to-right to guide readers through processes.

It also uses numbers to make the process easy to follow.

How to design UX infographics?

UX infographics are the best method for any product with an interface including websites. Actually, UX design means user experience which is the process of building relationships between a company and its product and customers. It needs too much research to develop a company’s user experience design to satisfy its users.

Designing a great User experience is hard. In this issue, infographics can be very helpful to visualize complex processes and conspectus relationships that will be difficult to express in other ways.

What makes a great infographic design?

Some tips to make your infographic design great is given below-

Create your infographic for your target audience. Try to keep it as simple as you can. Focused on the topic you would like to share with your audience. A great infographic should be clear and shouldn’t be confused.

Keep your graphics simple, tell your story in sections so it flows, don’t use too many colors. Make your infographic easily readable. At last, make your infographic shareable with social plugins and ask users to share it.

How find the best infographic design company?

In today’s world, information is the most powerful weapon. At present, you need to work with various types of information. And that information should be present in an easier way for your audience.

Do you know more than 65% of people are visual learners?

In this situation, you must need an infographic design service to give your thought a visual form. Infographics are a subset of graphic design services. It is an innovative tool to present complex data points simply and understandably.

How much does an infographic design cost?

There is some point of view that you should consider when designing your infographic but basically, it costs all the way from 45USD to 2000USD.

So, if you need impactful infographics for any of your purposes, then you must need to contact an expert graphic design company who can realize you and can serve the best design according to your needs.

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