Billboard Design Company: Find the Best OOH ads Solution

Billboards are admittedly one of the best ways to advertise brands, companies, products, organizations, and so on. You can use billboards for commercial, non-commercial, social, and also personal beautification of your house or building.

Thus, in today's busy world, billboards have multiple useful advances. In particular, newly created brands and companies need to campaign for brand awareness and attract people's attention to them.

Advertisement is a traditional way to spread brand awareness, making it popular with a wide range of people. We see various types of advertising materials like posters, banners, leaflets, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and so on.

But billboards are one of the oldest and most effective ways to lead a company. Even in the age of television, the Internet, and smartphones, the need for billboards has not diminished. Still, people found it lucrative, made high-converting billboards, placed them on the roadside, and let people know about them.

Different types of billboard design - get inspiration for your one

Usually, billboards are often large canvas with a few words, cartoon characters, and stylish typography. It is distinct from other advertising materials. The very first billboard was found in the 1830s and it was a circus poster.

From that time on, people began to realize the importance of outside advertising, and it is said that billboard advertising revolutionized in the mid-18th century, as people bought space to display ads at that time.

In the 19th century, many billboard advertising companies founded all over the world to leverage billboard advertising, and soon it has become a matter of experimentation as well as competition.

However, there are many different billboards designed in this long period of time in the history of billboards. They are used to support different corporate functionalities. When you are going to design a billboard for your own company, you should have knowledge of which billboard type will most suitable for the brand.

Also, the location you are thinking to place the billboard should be matched to the billboard size, shape, and look. Here we are going through the most common and popular forms of billboards below.

Classic billboard

Classic billboards are larger in view and shorter in attention span. So, this is the perfect type of outdoor advertising material through which you can spend your valuable money. You can see classic billboards on most of the highways, expressways, and crowded places where people gathered largely.

The size of the classic billboard has been changed over time. As the number of people increases, it seems necessary to increase the size of the billboards as it needs to attract more attention. As we can see early classic billboards were 14’ high x 48’ wide and 10.5’ high x 36’ wide.

At present, 10 feet by 30 feet to 14 feet by 48 feet is considered the standard classic billboard size. However, this type of billboard is so perfect to catch both pedestrians and vehicles as it comes with larger body size.

Vinyl billboard

Vinyl is so useful to keep things lighting and focusing. Especially for banner and billboard advertising, vinyl is becoming the most pioneering. Why?

The answer is, vinyl is a low-cost but high output solution in advertising issues. Vinyl billboards come as waterproof and fade resistance. That’s why it lasts so long. Vinyl billboards are very smooth to provide a color feeling. When hanging on the top of a roof or billboard stand on the highway, it looks brighter than other types of billboards.

The standard sizes for vinyl billboards are 14’ high x 48’ wide and 10.5’ high x 36’ wide.

Painted billboard

Painted billboards are kind of billboards that are made by manually painting the message and images on the fabric. So, they are not a preferred option in the digital advertising world where automated machines were invented to make computerized banners, posters to fill the huge demand of the public. Painted billboards are so rare and they are replaced by those modern advertisement formulas.

However, you can still see the usage of painted billboards in some cases when only a single billboard needs to be made for any purpose.

Mobile billboard

Advertisements on the vehicle’s body through stickers or other types of billboard materials are now so popular. Generally, billboards are used to place on top of buildings but mobile billboards are distinct from them. as they are adjusted with vehicles, the message of the billboard can reach wherever the vehicle will go.

Commonly, mobile billboards are used in the body of a double-decker. If you want to spread out brand messages widely in different areas within a short period, you can choose a mobile billboard instead of another.

Three-dimensional billboard