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powerpoint design service

PowerPoint Design Service

Through a creative PowerPoint presentation, you can win a project. Or can impress your target audience to achieve a business goal. Also, you can enchant people instantly with the beautiful slideshows in the presentation. However, everything is possible if you have a creative PowerPoint template as the default templates won’t fit everywhere. One size does not fit all.

The PowerPoint slide needs to be creative, original. With a top-notch presentation, you must have a customized background. If your presentation is on the default templates, they will not have the right appeal. The same goes for the branded presentations. In short, you need custom templates.

We provide a customized template design that has a very special and impressive look. It can hold business presentations on the slides for presenting smartly on screens. Also, the slides arrive with multipurpose features.

Our clients can use the PowerPoint design for virtual webinar presentation or for other purposes. Further, we ensure the designs are up to the mark and meet all types of needs of our clients. So, we offer them complementary revisions.

Besides, we have a flexible payment system, easy order placement, quick turnaround time and more other features. All the features have made this service lucrative to our global clientele, and we have several repeating clients for this service in particular.

Here are some PowerPoint presentation design samples

The more you add the detail, the more your audiences will get informed. So, we never compromise with the details - no matter how much it takes time to complete the project. Some of the samples are here for your consideration.

PowerPoint presentation design price

The price of PowerPoint design varies on the ground of the customization process. Some slides need only the color theme change, while some need changing the fonts. Besides, we need to make a complete slide for our clients and that should be creative, catchy and unique. On these grounds, our PowerPoint design prices are different. You can get a complete pricing overview here.

  • 5 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $250
  • 10 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $450
  • 15 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $700
  • 20 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $950
  • 25 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $1200
  • 30 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $1400
  • 40 Slides Editable and Customizable + Unlimited Revision

    FROM $1800
  • All kinds of (CONTRACTUAL)

    By Quotation

PowerPoint design FAQs

PowerPoint is a special tool to showcase your inner thoughts to a group of people, audience or for any types of promotions. So, it must hold an advanced design to hold attention. To inform the pros and cons, we have arranged for a couple of widely asked questions and their answers. Check them here. Also, you can ask any of your questions. Send those to our inbox and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Placing an order to us is simple. We receive orders in two ways. First, you can use the order placing page of our website. In this page, you have to follow the on-screen directives to place an order to us. Fill in the form with required information, provide your project brief, and allow us some moments to catch you back.

Alternatively, you can directly write us an email. And mention what you want to get from us. The statements should be clear. Our customer support team will get you back. Next, we will have some virtual meetings, discussing everything – including the payment and deadline. And finally, we start the production.

Sure, you will have the main file. In fact, we do not store the source file for us. Instead, we provide it to the client for any further or future application. Therefore, you can be free of worries regarding this matter.

Typically, we deliver a PowerPoint design in 3 to 4 days. However, in case of necessities, we can shorten the time by 2 days. The charge for such emergency services is a bit higher.

No. We do not make PowerPoint files using word documents. Instead, we provide a template that you can use for your needs. We will provide you with the template and you have to fill it in with your necessary words.

Well. We are highly strict about the privacy of our clients. We do not share any information to anyone else or any third-party. We consider the information of our clients as highly classified and in case of necessities, we sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). It ensures the confidentiality of the information.

Yes, we can. We are able to reshape any PowerPoint file. The content will remain the same but the theme, color, and slides will have a massive change. They will look gorgeous after the reshaping process.

Regrettably, we do not add any photos in the PowerPoint design. We only make a finely tuned template that you can use for any of your needs. We do not provide photos for several reasons. And the most important fact is that we may not realize what types of photos you want for your specific needs. It is wise to allow you to get your photos.

Yes. We make customized PowerPoint templates. You can use the templates for your personal or business needs. Per your instruction, we set the theme, add the color, and make the fonts. Finally, we combine all the elements. And the template gets a complete look.

For the PowerPoint, we deliver it in .pptx format. This is the widely used format for Microsoft PowerPoint. So, our designers also follow the same format for delivering the designs.

Of course, we can do that. In fact, we are able to provide PowerPoint design no matter what your business type is. We are capable of generating the theme, applying the right color and adding other elements. In the end, you can use the template regardless of your business type.

Our PowerPoint Design Service Features

In the graphic design universe, we are one of the renowned and leading graphical design service providing agencies. We have been contributing to the professional development of different types of people. No matter if you are a professional businessman or a service holder, you can avail this PowerPoint design service.

The service comes with a reasonable price range and with countless features. Under this service, you will get a standard PowerPoint file. The file will be in .pptx format (which is compatible in almost all the computers globally).

Besides, the profile design service in the PowerPoint slides also provides functional texts (if necessary), images or layouts. You can effortlessly use the layouts to put your desired image and texts. Moreover, we can customize the fonts for your slides. Adding a theme color is another feature of this service.

Based on your brand, business or organizational needs, we can make a special theme and color tone. Also, we can embed the logo on the layout. You can also get comfortable footers.

However, we usually do not provide any photo with the slides for several reasons. The first thing is that the photos we select may not be compatible with your needs. There might be photo copyright issues as well. And finally, you may have any alternative plans regarding the photos. Hence, we skip adding photos on the template.