What is UX design?

UX design means User experience design that is used to give a smooth and intuitive experience when someone is using software and apps. UX design for the android app deals with the user experiences for hand-held and wireless devices. Actually, it is determined with the experience of the user when they are using systems like software and apps. The main goal of user experience design is to define how the product feels. The designer solves many specific problems related to the system and ensures that the product or service logically flows from one step to another.

What is motion design in UX?

The motion has several kinds of meanings depending on the sector where it is used. In the field of graphic design, it is named as motion graphics which are the addition of animation or digital footage that can create the illusion of motion or rotation. These animations are combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Today is the day when it is too hard to impress or surprise anyone with an interface animation. As a user experience or simply UX designer works to develop the overall experience of a user when using a program, sometimes it needs to add motion graphics in the website or software to attract the user's attention in a new event, motion graphics are so useful to meet the purpose. Many considered it as the best appropriate form of subtle feedback for micro-interactions, in the issue of entertaining users.

Actually, motion design is very important for programs because it can communicate with the user's mentality, and also it has the ability to tell them how the system works, and how they interact with it. So, it is taking as an essential part of the program to communicate with users. Its specialty is,

        It can talk with your users about your website or program in an innovative way.

        It tells the user how the app works.

        It will brief you on what you can do to it?

        Motion drives the user journey.

        It can define the navigation itself.

        By adding a level of depth in interaction design, it creates a more natural experience.

        It can take users’ attention to a specific area.

        It makes the UI more expected and easier to navigate.

        It can take effort on the right elements at the right moment of time.

        With the help of visual elements, it can give a clue to the user to what will happen next.

So, it is clear that motion graphics are very important for user experience design. It can help to create a more natural way of interacting with visual elements in a dynamic way.

Why is UX design important?

UX design is the feeling of a user or consumer who is making a connection with you by program or software. It is served by the developer and its goal is connecting more people and creating an experience that is quick, smooth, helpful, and enjoyable for them. It is a key part of SEO, especially it takes you to the higher rank of google. Do you know that Google works by observing website security, page load times, responsive design and that’s all are a part of creating a smooth user experience? 

Although, user experience design is important because it tries to fulfill the user’s needs. It has the ability to provide a positive experience which is a part of keeping a connection between the client and retailer. It helps to feel loyal to users with your product or brand. If you make it in a meaningful way, it will allow you to define customers’ journeys onto your website, app, or software as an instrumental in the successful business. Here I try to give some important issues of user experience design that is may need to know,


You have a company or website, software, app through which you want to get connected with more people. What do you think is the most successful way to reach your goal? That is user experience, if you make it as effective, it can move your users to their destination. Although, you will get a user-hostile reaction if you don’t provide systems with easy navigation, eye-catching layout, clear descriptions of products, and also appealing calls to action. A good user experience design will take you in a separate position from your competitor. By providing your users with a smooth and enjoyable journey with your website, you can make them feel continued with your website or program.

Reduce cost

UX design is not only a process of developing interactions but also it is a way of deep thinking, research, analyses, tests about your product, service, or website. When you will start to think about your user satisfaction and needs it comes with more options and multiple phases if you want to overcome that, you may need to do more research along with your product. It will reveal the reason why your business isn’t performing well. In the field of web development, it is a much cheaper way to prevent a problem in the first place than to fix it. To make it easier, I would like to add a quotation by software engineer roger pressman, who writes a book named software engineering. A practitioner’s approach, he said that “if you want to fix an issue during the design process, it will cost you $1. After that, you will spend $10 during the development stage and finally $100 after release. On the other hand, if you take user experience design as consideration from first to last, you will be able to minimize the money spent on referrals, sales, and marketing in the future.

Helps to increase the conversion rate

In the process of UX design, you have to be sure that you made it easy for your user. It is a key part of UX design and you must have been noting it down if you have the same issue. Website or app, software whatever you have, you need to decide the main goal of making things better and easier for your users. Imagine that a person searched for an item and google make addressed him/her to your website, the person entered into your website a found that it is not smooth to surf or it takes much time to load the image of the product, then the person may get irritated and choose to search another website to meet his/her purpose. I mention it here as it is an important issue that needs to be the point. So, keep an eye on this issue. Besides, you should add a clear call to actions (CTA) as it can make a big difference to the conversations. Buttons that include options like, "sign up" to your mailing list today, or book now” are the perfect examples of a CTA.

What does a UX designer do?

The role of a User experience designer directly involved in the process of making a product useful, usable, and enjoyable for its user. They have considered some important issues like, 

      Product research

      Creating personas and scenarios 

      Information architecture

      Creating wireframes


      Product testing

      Although it is a never-ending process.

What is the UX design process, how the system works, and how they interact?

User experience involves the design of the entire process of collecting the product, including branding aspects, design, usability, and function. It is a repetitive process that helps to improve your system continuously. In this process, you will have to face different stages repeatedly while analyzing your design process in every stage. The manufacturer who provides a great user experience is familiar to the public. Think about apples iPhone, they are not as high as consumption but gives the best experience to its user as a requital of that. great user experience comes for, 


The digital world uses digital elements to solve problems. Problems are so specific nowadays that you need to realize in which way you can meet the solution. In all cases, you need to understand the problem first, in the field of user experience design, design solves the problem. A user experience designer always thinks about the customer and the environment of the market. I would like to mention here as Paul Boags says, “To be a great designer, you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act”.

Before starting with any project, you need to get the basic down first. As user experience deals with business, so you have to point out two important sectors, the first is your user and the second is your brand. Also, you may need to talk with your clients, stakeholders, product manager, and even the CEO to find out the exact solution to your problem.


Research is essential for user experience design. It can be done by human-computer interaction and user-centered design, visual design, information architecture, and others. Understanding the purpose of the program is another part of the research. Is the program working correctly? But when you are a business owner and you want to make research for greater user experience, you just need to conduct interviews with the clients. Though it would take hours or passively days to complete, it is an initial process of success. Be mindful that, before you go to an interview, it is necessary to do some research on your own.

Visual design

The visual design comes upon great interface design, and also all types of design work. Visual design deals with the outlook of the program to make it attractive and appealing to the audience with colors, images, symbols, and icons. Here I include some initial design works that are very much needed to design the user experience,


The design phase starts with sketching. It works similarly as a paper-pencil based work and designers used to make handmade sketches to give a shape of the whole concept. This process gives a realization to stick to a particular option.

Interaction design

Interaction design is the process of making easy navigation for users from one screen to another. By designing and developing the interaction map, an expert can understand which part of the screen will be interactive.


It is an excellent way to portrait the page hierarchy and all the visual elements of the product itself. It gives the developer a sense of where different types of elements can be located on the screen. Actually, wireframes are considered as the backbone of the product and the skeleton of the design.


When you complete all those stages, now is the time you have to deploy the system in which you spend a lot of valuable time and attention. Implementation is an important part of the user experience design process, it is the part to recheck your work, it is the time to make minor changes if it needs. It is better to involve design teams in this stage to help the development phase.


In the time of implementing your product features, the last process is to evaluate the end product. Evaluating depends on a few factors such as,

        Is the system usable?

        Is it easy to use for users?

        Does the product have the ability to lure someone’s attention to use it?

        Does the product have flexibility and easy to change?

        Does it work appropriately to solve users' desired problem?

Every business company and organization comes with different types of marketing problems and there is a variation to the solutions to the problem. It means all the stages described above are going to look a lot different for you compared to another company and product. But the process is similar to all, anyone who wants to create a user experience for a product or service, they must need to follow up those steps. It is important to contribute to all stakeholders of your company in the process by performing their tasks and duty.

Why UX design is vital to SEO

It is a topic of deep understanding and realization. Most marketers and content writers think that SEO is all about keywords and links. Although it isn’t wrong, almost all SEO goes far beyond them. We know that the main theme of UX design is to support users, to think about how they feel comfortable by using the product or program that you have created. For your kind information, UX and SEO both share the same goal and that is help users to complete their task. To put it simply, SEO is something that drives a person to the destination where he/she wants to go and user experience (UX) will fulfill all the requirements of his queries by ending up on the web page. 

It is said that SEO is all about user experience. Both SEO and UX works to make the user by their service or product. The main goal of SEO is to position you on higher google rank and make you more visible in the marketplace while perfect UX will show your users why you are professional in the field.

How to make a perfect prototype for UX design?

Do you know what a prototype is? It is a sample version of a final product or you can think of it as a draft. A draft thing can be changed until published, similarly, a prototype is the same type that is created to test the final product. It is an essential part of every industrial and non-industrial project. Think you want to make apps for games or other purposes. Whether you have the ability to make it by yourself or you hire developers to get the job done, it will need to make a prototype in every stage to see that you are working correctly and also you are in the right way.

A prototype can be a paper-based sketch, software-based prototype, HTML based prototype. It is true that a paper-based prototype is a thing of the past and it is getting lost because of a software-based prototyping system. But it is still used by the low budget project holders. When you find a way to make a prototype for your website, apps, or software, you need to go with more digital solutions. Before making your decision on a particular way of prototyping, give a look to all of them,


        Paper prototype

        Wireframe prototype

        HTML prototype

        Interactive prototype

It all depends on your project of what prototyping mostly suits you to reach your goal smoothly and correctly.

From the above discussion, it is clear that user experience design is essential for both industrial and non-industrial product and program business. from website design to product or service, you must give users experience a lot of priority to make things better and easier for users. If you surely need something like this, you will find a UI/UX design company to whom you can give the duty. But don’t forget to contribute your thoughts and ideas with the developer as it will make you more confident about the upcoming result.